In the progressing times of absolute frenzy of Coronavirus, it is prompted that individuals wash their hands all the time. In any case, visit washing additionally calls for visit drying. Xiaomi is here with its thought for the arrangement. 

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All things considered, in the event that you as of now have a hair-dryer, at that point you should be as of now mindful of its advantages. In any case, consider the possibility that a similar hair-dryer goes about as a hand-dryer as well. Cool, isn't that so? So Xiaomi is here with its new Multi-utilitarian Hairdryer DEM-GS100 (hair-cum+hand dryer). 

This the first run through on the planet that such a development has been made, on account of Xiaomi for its steady endeavors in making more current advancements. Discussing developments, this two-in-one dryer accompanies a stand that has two USB A connectors that permit charging of electric shaving machines, toothbrushes, and even cell phones. 

As indicated by reports, this gadget has an astounding nature of speed. It runs for 26000 rpm and siphons up to 14 liters of air for every second! Astounding, right? Try not to stress! Xiaomi has guaranteed it's clients that this speed factor won't harm your hair by making them wavy or anything. Rather, to stay away from this, they have empowered the gadget with different speed levels. 

This gadget is shrewd as well. It is furnished with infrared sensors that don't squander vitality and encourages the machine to begin and stop with signals consequently. 

China is going to dispatch than by the tenth of May 2020. They have the cost at $35. How about we perceive how powerful this advancement will be.

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