Do you realize that many competitions are coming in the new PUBG Mobile offer diversion with some energizing prizes? Indeed, the cool stock offer from Tencent Games can make this PUBG Mobile much increasingly alluring. The stock offer will be a piece of the new PUBG Mobile Challenge. What you can win are hound labels with a PUBG level 3 head protector, and an AKM and AWM alongside a couple of projectile gaps. 

What's the target? 

All things considered, this test has a straightforward goal. All you have to achieve the finish of a Normal or Classic match with an AWM rifleman rifle. Arcade mode isn't substantial for this test. You can start an exemplary match on maps, Erangel, Sanhok, or Miramar. Simply continue plundering air drops until getting the AWM rifleman rifle. At that point comes the genuine test! You have to stay among the last two players or groups. You can accomplish this last dimension in solo, pair, or squad mode. When your group wins the Chicken Dinner, you need to ensure that the AWM is prepared. Simply take its screen capture to fit the bill for the test. 

You have to post the screen capture on Twitter alongside two hashtags #pubgmobileawm and #pubgmobilechallenge to take an interest. Pick up the pace, you should tweet the screen capture before November 22 as the test closes on this date. 

Previously, PUBG Mobile thought of PUBG Crew test in which the victors were compensated with the Scorching Kar98 Skin. This stock test is likewise going to be a major hit among the players of PUBG Mobile amusement. 

All the best for the test!

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