Why You Should Have a Website

There are many reasons as to why you should start a website right now. Whether you are an employee, freelancer, or business person, a website will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

Having a website can give you or your business more credibility towards your target audience. Any user who had the chance to visit your site will know what you or your business is all about. Your site can provide more information such as opening or closing hours, products or services offered, an about page, and so much more.

Communication is between your clients or customers is also made easily with a website. While social media also helps with that, websites offers a direct and more reliable communication. It becomes more credible and trustworthy if the user immediately knows that he is directed towards the source. Anyone can create an account of your page on a social media, so it is better if they can be directed towards the contact forms or contact details posted on an official website.

So why should you have a website? For the purpose of anyone who wants to further their business, project, career, or freelancing services, they should have a website. Websites allow you to reach more users and let people find out more about you.

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How do websites work?

Knowing how websites work makes getting online easier. Websites are generally made up of various files such as photos, videos, music, and written content put together.

All websites are made through using a computer code that is written in a programming language called HTML. The computer's website browser reads that code and automatically stitches all the files that are input in the code to make a website that you can easily see on your screen.

These days however, creating websites has become easier. Although there is still a need for coding languages, you can now build a website using a website builder.

Web serves as file storages

Websites take up a huge amount of space due to all files generated through the code so it can be put up online. For that, all websites need a web server so it can store huge amounts of data.

Servers are very powerful computers specifically used for storing data. Websites are stored into these servers through a Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS maintains the list of which servers these websites are located and sends a data to your computer where they are.

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Luckily, when you decide to build your website, you can easily get website hosting through a site builder.

Should you build a website with a website builder?

Website builders are the future. They help you create stunning and professional websites fast and easy.

When you create a website with the hPage.com website builder, here are some of their features you can

Here are the things that you can get with a website builder:

  • Get your very own personal website fast and easy

  • Eliminates the need for coding, programming, and web designing

  • A cheaper alternative compared to self-hosting

  • Easily editable web pages and manageable website creation dashboard

  • Extra features which you can easily plug in your web pages

  • Business features

  • Access to hundreds of available website templates for your niche

  • Custom domain name (your website URL)

  • Own e-mail address (ex. hello@website.com)

  • Data statistics of user traffic

  • Website building blocks (the essentials of your website)

There are so much more benefits you can get with a website builder, so why not start your very own website there now? Try it for yourself!

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