What are Enterprise mobility solutions?

As per facts, there are almost 3 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide where the figure is expected to reach 6.1 billion in 2020. More than 80 percent of global traffic will be from smartphones. With the growth in the digital era, the businesses have started adopting the technical practices for making the functions easy.

The stakeholders keep accepting the new approaches for achieving productivity and workforce management. Enterprise mobility solutions are the sheer gateway for better productivity and optimized functionality.

The custom web development services have pushed forward the trend of bringing the devices over the workplace. What started as a trend has now become the necessity of the businesses. The integration of personal smartphones with business functions increases the productivity and efficiency of employees. 

What are Enterprise solutions and how they offer mobility?

Enterprise mobility solution is an innovative approach using the advanced CMS for allowing the employees to work from anywhere. This is has lifted off the barrier by the perfect integration with CMS to achieve the better-streamlined data flow through the departments. Enterprise mobility is not just checking emails, receiving calls and sending voicemails. In fact, it ensures security, easy access, and identity management while making businesses highly competitive.

As the name suggests, mobility solutions cater the flexibility to the organization and ease of working remotely to employees. The robust cloud technology empowers real-time access to the data while enabling the teams to develop and deploy the apps focused on better customer experience. The mobile app development company can offer distinctive features, enhanced capabilities and a range of tangible advantages to business as well as consumers.

Does it really make things easier?

The increased numbers of smartphones have not only benefitted the consumers but have also influenced the technology giants. It was assessed that an employee does 50 percent more work on smartphones, that too with 40 percent more efficiency. The custom web development service providers are constantly devising the better way of providing the off-the-shelf products.  

How stakeholders leverage mobile-based Solutions?

The businesses are leveraging the power of providing the easiness to the employee. Think of a salesperson or the executive who had to update the whole data in the system after-hours. The delay in the updating of the CMS does affect the real-time analysis, insights, and business strategies. The enterprise mobility solutions enable to use the advanced software application such as SaaS and Salesforce to streamline the functions and avail the real-time update. 

Now, it is no more the choice of business, instead, it has become the necessity to stay in the competition and for many compelling reasons.

Here are a few significant benefits:

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Increased productivity:

The freedom of usage for mobile devices greatly contributes to the efficiency and increases the productivity. The innovative solutions deduct the paper-driven procedures and systemize the better workflow. The enhanced accuracy and the real-time data flow assists in decision making while allowing the employees to actively participate with peers. The workforce gets increased flexibility and expands the intradepartmental communication.

Better ROI:

From last few years, mobile app development companies have further pushed the growth of enterprises. The businesses are leveraging the solutions to increase the revenue by allowing employees to work without the restrictions of the time, and place. The indirect benefit includes when you are capable of interacting with the customer through supplementing their experiences and promoting loyalty. 

Fewer security risks:

The risk of data breach is the highest level of risk for businesses using third-party apps. The enterprises mobility solutions are the easy way out for securing the sales information, financial data and client details while comfortably exchanging them within the organization. The culture of BYOD (Bring your own device), gain advantages with a better workforce when integrated with the secures application. The exclusive solution is reliable in terms of authorizing the devices for accessing the data, exchanging information, and secures the breach of security in case of the device being stolen.

Along with this, the natural loss of data can also be eliminated by the use of cloud solutions. The decentralized storage of data stops the information from loss and allows reaching anytime, anywhere.

Efficiency in processes:

No matter the expertise level of an employee and regardless of the mobile device he has been using, an employee always needed to be trained. There might be the exception where the employee keeps giving the outstanding performance from the first day, but still, the optimum work-delivery takes time. 

BYOD concept makes employees comfortable to work from their device. However, the interface remains the same regardless of the device being used, but it makes a psychological impact over the mind and improves efficiency.


The mobile app development companies can make successful solution only when joined with proper platforms. By implementing the right platforms and choosing the right strategy, the stakeholders overcome the complexities and remove the roadblocks. All this is possible when the innovative solution is perfectly integrated complying with the requirement of the businesses. Moreover, the aggregation with emerging technologies like AI and IOT brings a significant change in interaction and communication of the department within the ecosystem.  

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