It's not enough to buy a water purifier. You must keep it correctly, in order not to pollute your drinking water by damaging contaminants. Changing the filter occasionally is one of the most significant steps in maintaining the purification system. But when should you book an Aquagaurd RO service is one of the vital questions that arise in our mind.

Immediately as you notice that your filters are getting clogged or there is a decrease in the amount of water flow, you must book an Aquagaurd RO service to prevent your family from water-borne diseases.

There can be a lot of issues that your Aquagaurd might be facing and needs to get the service done. Do not think twice and get an appointment by calling your nearest service center and get your Aquagaurd RO service done at the earliest.

Things to consider about Aquagaurd RO service


Changing filters

After roughly three months, the screen of an RO purifier requires substitute. The reason for this is that water contaminants block the filters after a short time. Filtration capability and water quality are often affected by the non-cleaning of the water purifier. Screens are transmitted to the water that you drink if you continue to use them without altering them. Since the RO water purifier has at least 3 to 12 purification phases, it is essential that the filter shift is scheduled regularly. It is always a good idea to book your Aqaugaurd RO service to keep your membranes clean.

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Regular annual maintenance

Make sure you have the aid of a specialist from the Aquagaurd RO service center to substitute the cleaning of your machine to prevent any severe issue with the RO purifier. Renowned brands provide a convenient and straightforward way to preserve the appliance with annual maintenance agreements (AMC).

Get your RO tank sanitized

Once you have decided to get an Aquagaurd RO service done, it is always better to get it sanitized immediately so that the effect of the servicing can last for a more extended period and you can drink healthy water


Aquaguard has well trained and dedicated professionals in its service team to help you in getting the perfect purifier, and they also offer fantastic after sale services. If you want to get an Aquagaurd RO service done, then it's better to call the service center and let them know about your doubts and issues and then book a visit to your place by the technicians.

Aquagaurd has been serving people from 50 years and has become a mark of trust for its valuable customers. Keep your machine fit and beautiful so that you can bring a smile on the face of your family and keep them miles away from diseases that spread by drinking unfit water. Keep track of your Aquagaurd RO service and always make it a rule to get it done every 45 days or after two months so that any problem can be rectified without delay.

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