Summer, spring, fall or winter? If this is a question you’re struggling with when thinking about going for a vacation in Croatia then you’ve come to the right place for answers. We’ll be taking a look at all sides of the coin to see just what each season presents ensuring you make a decision that suits you be

1) Summer
Of the four seasons of the calendar year, summer proves the most popular for visiting Croatia. Sure that means you’ll have to contend with gathering crowds but there’s plenty of relentless sunshine to go around which makes for the perfect time to enjoy the warm, sandy beaches.

Celebrations and festivities also further bolster summertime appeal with the period seeing the most number of parties and get-togethers including the world-reputed yacht week that is a culmination of boating fun. Besides that summer also affords the best opportunity to go sailing and island hopping as the weather is as favorable as can be.

2) Winter
The cold season is most ideal for privacy as it sees lower traffic than all the other periods which means you’ll only have to share the nation’s natural attractions with very few other people. The 19 degree Celsius winter average is also not too bad for a swim although you’ll be bettered served by indulging in one of the many hot spring spas that open their doors during this time of the year.

Moreover, winter serves up a great opportunity to get in on the real estate market. During the off-season, a house for sale Croatia plummets well below normal market value ensuring you get a real bargain and excellent returns if you provide rental accommodation during the peak periods.

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3) Fall
The precursor season to winter offers more of the same of the aforementioned and spans all the way through to Christmas from September. Fairytale Christmas markets are the domineering theme during autumn which sees towns such as Zagreb put on their cheery face which entails colorful ice parks, festive lights and vibrant craft stalls filled with holiday merchandise.

Another autumn and winter exclusive delight are the frozen Plitvice lakes. A beautiful series of cascades during summer, the icy lakes and waterfalls complimented by snow-riddled trees are a certainly a marvel to behold during the colder months of the year.

4) Spring
The commemoration of Easter serves as the curtain raiser for Croatia’s spring season which offers a taste of what to expect in summer. Hvar Island, Pula, and Dubrovnik, in particular, are popular between March and May making for idyllic settings revitalized by a youthful sun. Most hotels in other islands remain closed during this time but this trio begins the campaign early for the season ahead.

The nightlife is not in full gear as well but begins to peak with anticipation in mid-May at a time when national parks are just coming to with new plant life and blossoming flowers. What's more, there are also a handful of cultural festivals to look forward to in spring while the islands start to shine with various delights.

As you can clearly see, there’s no bad time to visit Croatia. This charming coastal country has lots to offer no matter when and where you visit making it an excellent all-year-round holiday destination.

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