The goal of finding the best ceramic cookware is difficult for many reasons. If you’re looking for ceramic cookware, you could be searching for the best cookware on a budget or maybe you want the most expensive thing you can possibly find (a much easier task). On top of that, you may need only one pot or you may need an entire set. Furthermore, there are types of ceramic cookware that are made to be used on an open flame, while others do much better in other environment, such as on an electric stove on in an oven. So what are we going to discuss when looking for the best ceramic cookware? Lets find out:

Types of Ceramic Cookware:

Glazed ceramic cookware: This type of cookware is pure ceramic that has been finished over with a glaze that makes it impermeable to liquids or gasses and makes it much easier to clean than unglazed cookware. This type is very good when you are looking to fry or sautee foods but lacks some of the charm that you get with unglazed cookware.

Unglazed ceramic cookware: If there is glazed cookware then there obviously has to be unglazed cookware, right? This type of ceramic does not have that waterproof glaze on it and therefore can be used for fewer things. The most obvious uses are things that don’t introduce a lot of sauces or other things that clog the pores of the ceramic, which makes it much harder to clean. Some of the ideal uses for unglazed ceramic cookware is using it with steaming food or boiling water.

Enameled ceramic cookware: This is not actually pure ceramic cookware in the sense that it is actually a cast-iron (or something another material) dish with an enamel on the outside which gives it the ceramic quality. The reason people like using this type of dish is that it is much stronger than the average enamel dish given it’s core but at the same time it is much heavier.

So now that you have an idea of what some of the types of ceramic cookware you have as options, what are some of the dangers associated with using ceramic cookware in general. (Please note that most of this applies to the glazed and enameled versions)

Dangers of Ceramic Cookware:

Ceramic cookware can be dangerous? Absolutely! The glaze that is used with glazed or enameled ceramic cookware contains traces of lead which can leach out if the dish isn’t fired well enough. This can often be a concern with inexpensively-made ceramics. If it’s something that worry’s you then you can go with an unglazed ceramic dish and get rid of one of the causes of lead poisoning in ceramic and enameled cookware.

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Another very minor issue is that there is no set way to make ceramic cookware. You could see it being made with any mixture of ingredients and therefore there is an inherent danger if the ingredient mix contains toxic chemicals that haven’t been sealed properly. The best way to negate any possibility of this is by buying from a trusted supplier like CeramCor.

What type of ceramic cookware should I start with?

If you really just need one piece of ceramic cookware to give as a gift or to start your own collection, the best thing to start with is a ceramic skillet. Anything around 12″ will work well and give you or a friend a taste of what cooking with ceramic has in store for you.

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