If you are not sure what a bar stool is, neither more nor less than it is a type of bar chair that are of a height greater than the usual perfect for sitting around an island or a bar in your kitchen. With the dizzying pace of life we ??all have it is very common to take certain foods such as breakfast or the appetizer by the fire in the kitchen, so mounting a small bar with a couple of bar stools can be a very interesting option to save time and space.

Where to buy bar stools? You have come to the right place. Throughout this guide we will advise you on the best choice for you by showing you the different models that you can find in the market, with different suggestions according to the tastes and needs that you have.

Tips to Buy Bar Stools

Before deciding to buy Kitchen Bar Stools online it is convenient to have cleared a series of considerations to know exactly what you need and that your investment is totally satisfactory, such as the ones you can see in the following list:

Fixed or adjustable height? There are many varied models of both types so it is one of the first issues that you must solve. What do you prefer? Bar stools adjustable in height? Those of this type are regulated with a hydraulic piston that is operated by a lever, like the office chairs, for example.

Rotating. In the same way, the seat can be rotatable or fixed with respect to its legs, which will allow a certain ease to sit on it.

Wheels. There are some models with wheels that can be useful, although it is not very common to have to move in this way with this type of bar chairs.

Folding. Although they can be somewhat more unstable, it is a very comfortable solution if you do not have much space, so you can pick them up and save them or simply remove them from the middle.

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Footrest. A kitchen stool or for the bar with footrest becomes in our opinion a totally essential point to adopt a correct and comfortable posture, since the feet in this way do not stay hanging, but rest to avoid muscle overloads.

Support. Obviously, the higher the backrest, the better it will cover the back and it will generally be more comfortable, although it is true that this is not always the case. It will depend on the quality of the model and its ability to adapt to the person's physiognomy.

Armrest. A few models of the high kitchen or bar stools have armrests, which is another point that adds up in favor of total comfort when using these types of seats.

Material. Depending on what you want you should choose one or the other. There are finishes for the structure of these stools high kitchen or bar in wood, aluminum, steel, plastic. And the same for the seats, you can find different variants that can be useful, either for design or comfort issues.

Padding. Both in the seat and backrest, you may prefer good padding that makes your bar stool a comfortable choice to sit for hours. Monitor the padding material, which is at least washable. They are usually finished in leather or synthetic leather.

Bar Stools with Backrest

The comfort is a very important aspect if you plan to use this type of seats quite often, so if you should look at bar stools with a backrest to support your back while enjoying a snack, breakfast or whatever you want sitting comfortably in your bar counter.

There is a wide variety of designs and materials that you can find in the market, so if you are interested in buying bar stools with support, we will leave you with some suggestions of the best valued among consumers of this type of stools.

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Modern Bar Stools

You can also give your kitchen a fun touch with these original bar stools, shaped like a bottle or the opener itself, for example, where modern designs give a refreshing air inside your home or cafeteria. Normally they are made of high resistance plastics and many different colors, so the range of this type of bar stools is really extensive.

As we say, there is a wide variety of models, so we cannot teach you all of them. However, checks out this gallery where you can see and buy designer bar stools.

Vintage Bar Stools

The retro or vintage style is very fashionable in recent times, combining perfectly in any type of stay, even if it is modern. In this way, a piece like these retro bar stools will become protagonists, with a unique design that will excite visitors.

Whether at home or in your cafeteria or business, buying vintage bar stools is not without quality. Today old designs are imitated with different materials, giving the hit in the cases of plastics or being much more realistic using metals or wood. In any case, it will be quite a success to opt for one of these models.

Outdoor Bar Stools

If you have a terrace or garden, you will need an outdoor bar stools to resist the different inclemencies of the weather, both rain and temperature variations. Plastics usually hold water well, but for high temperatures and the direct incidence of the sun, it is more convenient to decide on other types of materials due to the wear they suffer.

In any case, it is always recommended that you consider the sun before buying bar stools for outdoors, and protect them to the maximum to avoid that they wear easily. In the next gallery, you have some models that are expressly manufactured with special treatments to withstand the inclement weather.

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