Marketing is dynamic and becoming even more so every year. Over the years marketing has changed. Technology has changed how adverts are created, as well as impacted how people make their purchases. Companies are constantly working to sell their services or products by going to their customers instead of having the customers come to them, and this is not necessarily physical. With the shift to e-commerce, digital marketing has become one of the main marketing avenues. Additionally, digital marketing is constantly morphing based on the algorithms set by search engines. In the past, people trusted the company’s word about their services and products, but today they trust others who have consumed the said product more. This has brought about the rise of product and service reviews.

The customer shopping experience continues to change. Not only do they want to be delighted when they come across your products, they also want to feel appreciated whether or not they buy, and even well after they have purchased from you. This means that you must put together excellent strategies for current customers and potential customers as well.

Whereas in the past a funnel system was used when it came to marketing, today a flywheel system is more ideal. The funnel system took good care of customers prior to making a purchase, but once they bought, they no longer mattered. The flywheel system takes care of customers before they purchase, during the purchase, and even after the purchase. The customer service must be an all-round experience because it is these same people that will give the reviews that today’s online marketing leans so heavily on.

The future of online marketing remains bright, but in order to leverage this avenue companies will need to make the following changes:

  1. They will need to tell stories: In order to get their consumers to engage with the brand, companies will need to tell stories of other people’s experience with their product or service. The stories that grab people attention online are emotional, shocking, unusual, or interesting. If the story you have falls in any of these categories you should consider telling it online. Story telling should not just be written. Videos are making waves online and they don’t even have to feature celebrities. Even regular people can tell a great story about your product or service that others can relate to.
  2. Get reviews: This is important because people trust consumer reviews more than they trust the company’s word on its own products and services. In fact, most people consider them to be personal recommendations of sorts. In order to get set up great channels for reviews engage Digital Marketing Services offered by people who are well versed in helping companies achieve authentic reviews.

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  1. Authentic buzz: Authenticity is big now and will continue to be so. This means that the marketing strategy you engage in should be able to generate spontaneous buzz that is authentic. This could mean making the most of influencers in your community who can act as brand ambassadors. Additionally, by showing them what you can do and what you have done, you can have your customers do the work of marketing your brand for you in a big way. YouTube influencers will be an awesome asset to businesses because of the role that video is playing in the market today. When selecting an influencer it is important to do the following:
    • Select someone who understands what you do: It should be someone who understands what you are about, while also relating well with the audience. The more similar the characteristics the influencer shares with your target audience the better. People are more likely to take a recommendation if it comes from a micro-influencer that they can relate with.
    • Link the influencer with a promo code or links: This will help you track just how profitable it is to engage the said influencer. Using these, you can see how many sales were actually attributed to each influencer. A good digital marketing company will be able to suggest suitable influencers depending on who your target audience is.
  2. Devices: Now that people are doing most things on the go, being able to use a smart speaker is important. That is why Alexa and Siri have become so popular. Every company must make sure that they are matched up to such smart speakers to take advantage of the trend. Remember that what people want most is convenience. They need all the time-saving opportunities and value adds that you can give them. It goes without saying that your website, or e-commerce site must be compatible and easy to navigate on all mobile devices.


The one challenge that online marketing is going to face is the fact that there is plenty of content that will be created and circulated out there. It will take the best digital marketing experts working to create excellent strategies that will cause the companies they represent to stand out from the pack. It is important to balance how much content a company puts out. Too little and the effect will not be felt. Too much and the audience could get bored. Luckily, the fluidity of online marketing will give everyone enough opportunity to renew their strategy. The ideal is to release new content just twice or thrice a week. It is a lot better to release fewer content pieces of very high quality, than lots of low quality content.

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