Last month, Roku declared plans to directly sell subscriptions for many premium video services, including showtime, Starz, Epix, and others through its Roku Channel. Today, it’s coming out that effort. Customers are able to pay money for the monthly subscription charges through their existing Roku account keeping everything on one bill and content from every supplier are accessible within the Roku Channel.

It’s an approach that’s the same as the paid add-on “channels” like HBO, Showtime, and CBS All Access that Amazon offers to Prime Video customers. Roku thinks people may find it to be  a lot of convenient subscription manager since there’s no recurring membership needed. Every service providing a subscription can have a free 30-day trial. What’s less convenient is that Roku doesn’t have HBO among its partners. Therefore you’ll ought to get (and pay for) that one elsewhere.

The Roku Channel is offered on the company’s streaming devices, Samsung sensible TVs (subscriptions aren’t available with Samsung TVs yet), and via the web, but it’s also being integrated with Roku’s main mobile app, creating those subscriptions and also the existing free content a touch quick to access.

If you are a cord cutter you know the number of streaming choices continues to grow almost daily. It's going to the purpose wherever there are simply too several to stay track of.

And similar in some ways in which to cable and satellite, you'll bundle streaming channels, free or premium, or opt to subscribe single services. However sooner or later, it will become a job to stay up with everything you're paying for.

So a few years back, some firms began providing customers the ability to subscribe to premium channels directly through their own services to simplify your bill. Now, Roku's throwing its hat in the ring to try to to the same, however with a few differences.

Go premium on the Roku Channel

The Roku Channel already has ad-supported, free-to-watch TV shows and movies, however currently it's introducing premium subscriptions into the mix. You will soon be ready to add premium channels like showtime, Starz and EPIX along with more than twenty others to the Roku Channel instead of having multiple, separate subscriptions to keep track of.

Roku's plan is to modify things by consolidating everything to identical bill, calling it a "one-stop shop" for free of charge and now premium content. It's the same as what Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are doing since 2015.

These premium channels can being rolling out to select Roku devices later this month.

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How The Roku Channel compares

Roku is that the latest company to do to move away from only providing streaming boxes and dongles, however it's fashionably late to the party. Amazon, Apple and Google have already got their own hardware and are operating to supply more content for a few time. however there are some key differences.

A plus for Roku is that if you want to add premium channels through Amazon, you have got to be a prime member. Through Roku, you only need to set up a free account to get started.

Then there are a few of downsides. If you select to subscribe showtime or Starz, for example, you will only be ready to access that content through the Roku Channel. That means you will not be able to log in directly through those providers' standalone apps. On the top side although, the Roku Channel is being added to Roku’s mobile app this month (iOS and Android), wherever before it had been perceptibly absent.

Although it's launching with twenty five offered channels, you may notice HBO isn't on the list. You'll subscribe directly through HBO, Prime Video and variety of alternative ways in which however it's unclear if that possibility can eventually build its way to the Roku Channel, too.

Where you'll get the Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is available first and foremost on Roku devices. that has its add-on solutions as well as TVs with Roku already baked in. Some Samsung TVs will also have the channel, and you'll also access it through a web browser. Create a Roku account by clicking or sound here. Below you will find the initial list of some premium channels being offered:

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  • Baeble Music

  • CollegeHumor's DROPOUT

  • CuriosityStream

  • EPIX

  • FitFusion

  • The Great Courses Signature collection

  • Hopster

  • Magnolia Selects presented by Magnolia photos

  • MHz Choice


  • Showtime

  • Smithsonian Channel plus

  • Starz

  • Tastemade

  • Viewster Anime

  • And more (not currently listed)

Pricing for each premium channel is often pretty customary no matter however you decide on to subscribe. However free trials and other deals if you sign up vary by provider.


All supported devices are expected to receive the update within the coming weeks, starting with Roku players and concluding with Roku TVs. Customers will check if their device will access Premium Subscriptions by launching The Roku Channel from their Roku device. If the device has received the update, a new row known as “Premium Subscriptions” are visible below the Featured row.

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