McDonald's specialists recorded many new lewd behavior charges against the cheap food monster, advocates said Tuesday, raising a years-in length fight for unionization in the US and more grounded laborer assurances. 

The grievances, recorded with the US office that researches work environment offense, were in the interest of specialists in 20 urban communities. 

Charges included grabbing, revolting introduction, recommendations for sex and striking back against the individuals who griped. 

Many specialists dissented before the organization's central command in Chicago, two days before its yearly investors' gathering, binds their endeavors to the #MeToo development. 

"I was exposed to an embarrassing and threatening condition at McDonald's and administrators did nothing to stop it," said Jamelia Fairley, a laborer of a Florida store who recorded a protest. 

Ahead of time of the dissent, McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook said in a letter that the organization has improved its lewd behavior strategy, preparing and instruction activities, and gave assets to its franchisees to do likewise. 

"The McDonald's framework has dependably had a steady duty to giving a sheltered and conscious workplace for all," Easterbrook said in the letter. 

The organization has said it has restricted expert over the work force choices of its US franchisees - free organizations that work in excess of 90 percent of its 14,000 US eateries. 

Specialists state close to nothing in the event that anything has changed since 10 grievances were documented a year ago with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and 15 grumblings in 2016. 

A significant number of the cases are as yet pending - two have progressed to claims, joining three different claims documented outside of EEOC audit, as indicated by laborers' backers who guarantee McDonald's has not done what's necessary to address their worries. 

"We can locate nobody who has known about another strategy or preparing activity," said Gillian Thomas, a lawyer with the ACLU Women's Rights Project, which is helping the laborers. 

Laborers are requesting the privilege to help create lewd behavior strategies and for the company to attest power over the faculty choices of franchisees. 

Their requests are a piece of a unionization exertion of McDonald's laborers known as "Battle for $15" - an activity started in 2012 with requests for a $15 the lowest pay permitted by law. 

The Time's Up lawful guard subsidize, made to help specialists who don't have profound pockets to battle lewd behavior, is bankrolling the exertion.

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