Social Media Platforms have become one of the prominent necessities in this growing digital world. During the journey from the past to present, these platforms have covered major milestones from user interfaces to security and privacy. Every business aims to bank on social media platforms with their strategic marketing techniques and flourish well in their niche. Here, I present the top 7 game-changing Social Media Marketing trends that every company should watch for in the year 2019.

Augmented Reality (AR)- The Future!

The social media have blown trumpets to announce that AR is the future. It is believed that soon, every user will gain exposure to the ultimate experience with the help of AR. Snap chat, one of the most popular platforms, has already started giving users the pleasure of clicking selfies with mind-blowing bitmoji characters. This feature is supported through AR which assures that we can even click pictures with all celebrities and VIPs pretty soon. This is a clear indication that any brand can project their products and services to the users on their timeline through Augmented reality filters.

Ticket To Popularity- Insta Stories!

Instagram was able to capture the present gen market pretty faster when compared to other social media platforms. Insta is very popular among the age group of 18 to 30 and hence is also touted as youth’s social media platform. In the present changing world, images will always capture maximum user interaction and engagement on social media platforms. With the introduction of Insta stories, many businesses have started promoting their products and services, considering it as another source for leads. Soon, Instagram will overtake all the other social media platforms with its popularity and user engagement among young users. Insta stories play a crucial role in the growth of Instagram.

The Marketers are exposed to a new marketing medium of Stories Ad, thereby giving an opportunity to explore their audience base. Insta stories are easy to create, are entertaining, engaging, relevant, reliable and constantly fresh. This helps brand marketers to connect with their users efficiently.

Make A Mark With Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has always been a reliable and authentic way of marketing. Many companies were skeptical about Influencer Marketing in the initial times but have later acknowledged it to be the most successful method of marketing. This marketing has the capability to connect to new users and audience, engage them with brands and convert them to become loyal customers in a short span. In 2019, we will notice a big leap in Influencer Marketing, especially for the brands that prefer to avoid traditional methods of marketing.

Not only huge Companies will rely on the Influencers to build and promote their online presence. But, small companies will also opt for small influencers or real life influencers. The trend suggests that real life influencers or micro influencers are the best choices for businesses having a lower social media marketing budget. The main point to be considered here is that the small or real life influencer has to be a domain expert of that business. For instance, a Hotel can opt for Chef, and a Diamond Jeweller can opt for karigars. Karigars are the people who make jewels.

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Live Streaming On A Spree:

Live streaming was considered as a bad marketing tactic when it started but soon captured a pivotal position as the top market trend. This helps the users to engage better and build confidence about the marketed brand. Facebook has marked even a million impressions for small and less popular brand's live streaming. Streaming any unfiltered video will exceptionally work well for most brands. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have already started their video stream platforms. Soon, they will add up new features and benefits as live streaming is gaining an excellent response. Major companies are nowadays using Facebook Live to create stories and promote their brand.

Generation Z - The Right Audience

Generation Z are users who are born in the mid to late 1990s. As they are internet and tech-savvy covering 1/4th of the population, they become the right audience for every developing business. Targeting these users will benefit marketers. For example, a few ready-made dress designers introduced his new and trendy designs, especially for Generation Z users. Promotional events, as well as pop up stores, are initiated to attract this generation, and these will last for years to come. The idea is to promote the products through events and pop up stores which will interest the Generation Z users to participate and share it online.

User-Generated Content to Rule the Market

Users are the most essential and center point for every social media marketing campaign since the past few years. User-generated content is created by the regular customers of the brand or by the fans of the brand. These contents are created in the form of videos, images or memes which the brand uses to promote their services and products. User-generated content is an effective method of marketing which engages the customers with your business. It also improves the experience of the customers.

Youtubers are gaining significant importance in promoting the brands online through word of mouth marketing. Users can connect with the real-life situations all thanks to the audio-visual content created by them. User-generated content also helps to personalize the marketing techniques and market the products through social media.

Unmatchable Scope - Private Messaging Services

Every social media platform has now launched a private messaging service which is also a massive trend in the present digital market. One of the well known and popular examples is the FB Messenger which has a huge number of active users. This is also gaining importance in the social media marketing space as there is a scope for two way and more in-depth conversation between the user and the marketer. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots will assist the brands in improving the experience on these messaging platforms. Targeting engaged users will yield better conversions or leads for every business. Every engaged user will be an opportunity for the business to convert and make as loyal brand followers.

Point To Ponder And Grab Marketer’s Attention

  • Marketers need to address and target to provide the best service. They also need to maintain their online reputation using social media listening services.

  • Chatbots and AI will play a significant role in the creation of a live connection between any user and brand marketer.

  • Spreading information about products and services on social media will assist in creating an exceptional sales funnel for every business.

Marketers & Social Media Platforms - The Best Friends

2019 and the upcoming years will be customer-centric and will focus on targeting active users on social media platforms. It would not be an exaggeration to say that all these trends will help the marketer connect with his audience and explain to them about business models using personalized content.  Social Media Marketing plays a vital role in framing digital marketing strategies and techniques. Hence, business owners and companies must concentrate on the social media marketing budget and strategies to flourish in the online digital world.

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