France is one of the most preferred destinations to study abroad. There are many reasons to study in France for your postgraduate studies, and today we are discussing some of them here. The country has more to offer than the food and the architecture, and when it comes to Education, France leaves many of the other destinations behind.

Quality Education at Prestigious Universities

There are 35 universities in France that feature in the top universities in the world by the QS rankings. The universities in France are some of the most prestigious universities not only in the context of Europe but the whole world. The research at these universities is one of the best in the world, and in the courses like Business, arts, architecture and Masters of Science, the French Universities excel. The hospitality and tourism management is another area where universities in France are the best in the world.

English Taught Courses

Despite the French being official and first language, there are many courses in the country which are completely taught in the English for international students. Along with the Netherlands, France was one of the first non-English speaking European countries to offer the English taught courses for the higher education, to attract more and more international students. There are also courses that are offered in the French and English both, if one is willing to learn the language later in the future.

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Affordable Tuition and Living

France is one of the most affordable study abroad destination when it comes to Europe. Compared to the neighbouring UK, the tuition fees are multiple folds less. Comparing outside Europe, and considering the quality of the education France provides, France is extremely affordable compared to the English speaking countries of the year. For Public universities, Masters in France costs 3770 euros a year. Even for the day to day expenses, barring the Paris, the expenses are very student-friendly moving away from the city centers.

French Way of Living

The French believe in joie de vivre, which would literally translate to the joy of life. They believe in living the life to the fullest and that can be seen on the streets when you are taking a stroll in the country of art, architecture and the culture. The French is one of the most influential culture of Europe, and it is visibly apparent even outside the France. Along with all the work, the French believe in living. The city streets are filled with the art and fashion France is known the most for. And don’t even get us started on the tourism of the country, made of beaches, castles, cathedrals and museums.

Research Oriented Universities

The Universities in France are some of the most research heavy universities you will come across. They are some of the most pioneer research universities of Europe. A large funding of the state for the education goes to the research facilities in the universities. The science and technology research is some of the most advanced in the world, along with the industry ties. The international students get benefits by this as they will get the best of the practical and problem solving approach to the education with the research.

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