Summers is knocking the door in India and it has started to create a hot atmosphere. The average temperature is measured as 30-48 degree during the summer season which creates heat and anxiety. To fight with this extremely hot weather you need to have air conditioning appliances.

Buying an air conditioner is not an easy task nowadays. We do not go for the home appliances purchasing daily and when we talk about an air conditioner, it is also not everyone’s cup of tea. The appliances like air conditioner cost high so everyone should have to gain required knowledge before purchasing one.

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Purchasing a perfect air conditioner according to Indian weather is the only solution to spend comfortable time at your place. There are n-numbers of air conditioner brands in India that offers the bulk of options at an absolutely affordable cost.

The top brands introducing day by day new upgraded models fitted with the latest technologies. These latest models overcome their previous weak spot of global warming and became environment-friendly & energy-efficient appliance.  

These are some of the best air conditioner brands in the Indian home appliance market which are designed according to Indian weather and understands thoroughly. All mentioned brands earned an excellent reputation and work unbeatable. Due to their amazing performance, it can create a lot of confusion for you.

In this article, we will try to provide you with authentic information about the best air conditioner brands which will help you to get a perfect buy according to your budget and requirement. It is an absolutely right place to know about the best air conditioner brands in India.

We have executed the mind-numbing work to find the best air conditioner brands that can fix your summer problems and let you enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. Now the companies keep the appliance fitted with advance energy efficient ratio, noiseless operating, fast cooling and durability of compressor & copper condenser. You can go ahead and pick one of them and enjoy cooling like never before.

List of top 10 air conditioner brands in India

Samsung- best customer support

Samsung is India’s most trusted brand, and it has launched the range of air conditioners that are fitted with advance features like WiFi connectivity, R32 refrigerant gas, inbuild inverter facility and more. It has lined up lots of desired functions which brought the product in high demand.

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Samsung air conditioners are stood with their durability, modern design and advanced features. The Samsung air conditioners are the perfect fit for your home and offices. The power saver technology of this device made the product energy and cost-efficient.

Daikin- robust build quality

Daikin air conditioners are known for their incredible functions. Daikin brand is a manufacturer of air conditioners all over the world. These are silent performer air conditioner, provides superb airflow and excellent power savings.

Daikin provides most budget-friendly appliances and known for its standard quality. It is one of the most desired brands in air conditioner market. These are durable and budget-friendly device succeeding the good star ratings for better EER.

Voltas- stylish looks and works silently

Voltas is an Indian company which is known for best home appliances manufacturer in India.
Voltas is a reputed brand of air conditioner and a big company which is known for its brilliant service quality all over. This time it is upgraded with auto mode functionality.      

Voltas comes with all-star inverter air conditioner; they run on modern inverter air conditioning technology and crafted the product as the most cost-efficient appliance.

AmazonBasics- budget-friendly and amazon brand value

AmazonBasics air conditioners are available at an economical price, but it doesn’t mean that it compromises with its functionality. This air conditioner is offered by Amazon, it will be suitable for you if you have a limited budget and want to buy a good functionality air conditioner.

The AmazonBasics air conditioner has equipped with good filtration and cooling system. The self-diagnosis feature added one more impressive function. It also uses the latest refrigerant gas which avoids environmental damages.   

Hitachipricey but equipped with modern technology
Hitachi is a Japanese brand of air conditioner which is rules in Indian appliance market due to its brilliant performance.

The Hitachi air conditioner brand is the preferred choice for office buildings. These air conditioners are available at an economical budget, performs for long and doesn’t demand services soon. These air conditioners allow you to enjoy super-fast cooling in a short time period.

Carrier- most energy efficient

Carrier is the most trustworthy air conditioner brand available in Indian home appliance market. These air conditioners are designed to make the air cool efficiently. These appliances work perfectly in low voltage conditions also.      

Carrier air conditioners put the environment priority on the top, it functions likely to minimize the environmental damage. It delivers amazing cooling and comfortable environment for you.

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Sanyo- high star ratings

Sanyo is a Japanese air conditioner brand which holds the legacy of 7-decades. These are the best kind of performers. It ensures for fast cooling, durability and silent performance.

Sanyo air conditioners are one of the best-selling brands which offer the latest features at the compatible price.

LG- premium air conditioner

LG is one of the most reliable brands in India as it is serving its services for very long. LG brand is famous for its after-sales services and provides you with a premium air conditioner at a reasonable cost.

Equipped with the best functions and modern technology, LG has created a complete package of your desired appliance. It has extended durability. It doesn’t cost an extra cost for maintenance. The LG air conditioners come with antibacterial coating and designed with the excellent build quality.

Blue Star- Best build quality

Blue star is also an Indian manufacturer company which is manufactured air conditioner and refrigerators efficiently. It is specialized in this field and delivers the best quality appliances. Blue star air conditioners are most liked by its customers due to its super inbuilt technology and its durability. Its power saver function becomes good support during summer.

Blue star brings inverter air conditioners which consume less power and stand with amazing cooling capacity. With multi-level filters, it maintains the clean and pure atmosphere.

Godrej- again a budget offering brand

Godrej air conditioners are produced eco-friendly air conditioners. They work almost silently means no disturbance while functioning. It is also one of the most trusted home appliances brands in India.

Godrej brand is equipped with modern technology which provides you with a perfect environment, it rids off all the pollutants and impurities with its filters.


All the air conditioner brands are enriched with maximum desired features and functions as you expected from them. All these mentioned brands are reputed brands no doubt, these company’s manufacturer various electronic home appliances with air conditioners. All these brands manufacture air conditioners which go with Indian weather. You can select one of them which offers your requirement.

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