Performer Tom Cruise was instrumental in forbidding ex and on-screen character Nicole Kidman from their child Connor's wedding in Italy, a report recommends. Journey and Kidman, who were hitched from 1990 to 2001, received Connor after 1995. 

As per Radar Online, Cruise, whose relationship with the Church of Scientology has been all around advertised, is said to have restricted Kidman on the grounds that she is considered a 'suppressive individual'. "Tom is behind this and what he needs is in the same class as law. Tom decided and Connor pursued," the report cited a source as saying. 

The source included, "Connor venerates the ground his dad strolls on and could never ignore Tom." Connor is additionally a Scientologist. "To start with, Tom could never at any point consider welcoming Nicole to Connor's wedding since she's considered a 'suppressive individual' by the congregation — and, second, he doesn't need her there," the source said. 

Agreeing the Church's site, a 'suppressive individual' is a person who 'tries to smother other individuals in their region. A Suppressive Person will goof up or criticize any push to support anyone and especially blade with brutality anything determined to make individuals all the more dominant or increasingly shrewd' 

Reports have additionally recommended that Cruise's third spouse, Katie Holmes, and their little girl, Suri, have both been announced 'suppressive people'. Voyage and Kidman split in 2001 and he held authority of Connor and his sister, Isabella. Holmes has guardianship of Suri. 

Connor, who is a DJ, disclosed to Woman's Day in 2014, "I cherish my mum." Kidman has said she underpins her kids paying little heed to their decision to move toward becoming Scientologists. She revealed to Who magazine, "They are grown-ups. They can settle on their own choices. They have settled on decisions to be Scientologists and as a mother, I must love them. What's more, I am a case of that resilience and that is the thing that I accept — that regardless of what your youngster does, the kid has love and the kid needs to know there is accessible love and I'm open here."

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