India is a diverse country with varied interests and opinions, often these interests clash and conflict if raised. The recent conflict in the country resulted in the ban of the app Tiktok.

TikTok has claimed to be the most popular app across the world. In India, This statement can be accepted as the number of downloads of the app and the number of active users is very high. The popularity of the app, which is right now at 112 million active users, is increasing at a progressive rate.  
The app was primarily popular among young adults and teenagers and this gathered attention towards the app. A lot of complaints have been directed towards the app. 
A major set of complaints is under the umbrella of community guidelines. The app functions like any other app – taking permissions from the users and binding them under the guidelines of the app, and in turn, the app is bound by the community guidelines of the country. The consequences of giving away such permissions are really threatful like identity theft.

Many individuals and states (such as Tamil Nadu) have raised allegations against the app for not committing to the community guidelines. There has sensitive content found and forwarded in the app. India, as a country has a lot of weak points and these weak points are to be avoided in order to ensure harmony. Under this argument, the content available on the app is questioned and asked for removal. The government stated that it has asked for the removal of some 8 million videos from the app. 
Another hurdle in the progress of the app is the accidents happening due to the content creation on the app. This gained more intensity when a boy died making a video while riding his bike and when a girl died due to a gunshot from a gun being used for video content. Such accidents raised awareness throughout the country. Many people even contrasted the app with the game Pokemon go, which also had garnered popularity for being accident prone game. Pokemon go was banned in many countries across the world and a similar pattern is emerging for TikTok. 
Thus the state of TikTok in India is dicey. The app is removed from the play store and app store for now. Such a move by the government has raised both supporters and opponents. There are many individuals who have built a following based on the app and they are protesting against the ban whereas a lot of individuals label the app as ‘silly ‘time-wastage’ ‘intellect drainage’ The debate is ongoing for the app’s fate and it is indeed a moment to be paid attention to in the history of digital downloading. 
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