Renovating home seems like fishing in a pond under the blue sky and popping snacks every now and then. Did you believe it is that much easy especially when it comes to the budget and the items of the house that perhaps more needed to be replaced then your consideration?

Off course not! There is a whole lot to see and check out before spending a single penny on your home appliances. Certainly, the best cheap home appliances are the only target we have in mind, yet it's not that simple to achieve.

However, let me help you to figure out what appliances need upgrading at minimum cost. Here are the things to make a checklist before anything else.


  1. Espresso machine

  2. Microwave oven

  3. Robot vacuum

  4. Dishwasher

  5. Mixers

  6. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

  7. Thermostats

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Espresso machine

Your coffee maker is a gem of the house, isn't it? You cant imagine to work and run your home chorus without filling your buds with the taste of the coffee. A strong boost is possible with a strong coffee and that could be only possible through your upgraded coffee maker that is espresso machine. Replace your old coffee maker with the brand new espresso machine with the super automatic pump to prepare not only coffee but latte and cappuccino really quick, conceivable in only under $100 chunk of your budget easily.

Microwave oven

A kitchen with an old version of the microwave oven placed on the countertop seems odd and reduces the charm of your precious kitchen. You can easily buy an over the range microwave to free up the counter space in less than $100 with the properties of fast cooking, sensor cooking, ventilation and convection cooking together.

Robot vacuum

If you have no time for cleaning or you have a lot to do then just handling and move along your old vacuum cleaner then you must go with the latest robot vacuum cleaner. The robot vacuum cleaner doesn't need surveillance, it will work in your absence or you can power it on and jump on your couch to have a nice read of your mag or place your headphones on your head and enjoy your favorite song without struggling for cleaning the floor.

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Replace your old dishwashing racks that are now become rusted and stained, indeed it will cause a blemish in your new kitchen interior. You can buy a nice and attractive stainless dishwasher in just $50. It makes your work pretty easy with more than one rack with advanced magnet sheets to hold your dishes on its place.


You must be fed up when your old mixi that always splatter out the ingredients from the bowl all over the kitchen counter since most of the mixers have no initial gradual mixing feature, yet the new mixers do have this property with more than two speeds as well. There are plenty of design and colors you can have, to match your kitchen interior, you can buy this under $50 with more than three types of beaters.


Humidifiers are necessary for every home in less humidity and exhausting atmosphere. Say no to suffocating sleep every night and add a nice looking humidifier/dehumidifiers to make the breath of your kids or your family effortless through 360-degree rotatable hose with more advanced features as compared to the old equipment you have placed in your home, all in just less than $50.  


No installation is needed where there is an advanced and eco-friendly thermostat. No more hassle to check the temperature and adjust them accordingly, you can have plenty of the options in regards to the portable thermostat. These you can have in less than $80 with advanced sensor to lookout the surrounding and adjust themselves without putting you in effort whether you are at home or not.    

Make your life easy and smart when technology has given you so much in a platter to grab. Every home task is becoming effortless with these advanced home appliances at less cost as compared to the privileges offered by old versions of home equipment at a high cost.Therefore make your choice effective and spend wisely on your needs.

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