If you’re an HR professional, at one point of time you must have thought about pursuing a certification. They are very helpful indeed, in the sense that they can boost career opportunities. Though HR certifications are not a strict requirement for most roles, but having a certification is a strong point for most available roles.

In a recent report by Payscale, it came out that about 35 percent HRs have at least one HR certification. As it may be gathered, certifications can help in quickly climbing up the career ladder and getting hike in salaries and promotions.

You may already be working in HR and might not be feel the need for a certification, but here’s the kicker-- a certification can give you 29 percent greater chance of getting a promotion. Especially, if you’re a looking to get a managerial position, it can make chances better.

Certifications, however, aren’t necessary for every HR professional. For instance, people who are just begin their career in human resources will do fine with their bachelor’s or master’s degree. Plus, professionals working in a specific field of human resources might not need it, as they already have expertise which will further increase with experience and exposure. HR certifications are best suited for HR generalists to gain knowledge and hands-on experience of various aspects of human resources management. For those without a degree or lack of background in human resources, certification are a good way to break into the field.   

There are several organizations which offer certifications for HR professionals which can add immense value to a HR professional’s career. HR certifications are available for every aspect of HR operation – talent management to payroll management.

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What HR certifications are available?

As explained earlier, there are organizations which specifically operate in the human resources field and offer some of the best HR certification courses. TMI, HRCI, and SHRM are some of the prominent names in the field. Their certification courses vary based on experience of professionals. 

Let’s discuss some of the certifications offered by these organizations-

  • HRCI ( Human Resources Center Institute)

Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources are most popular credentials offered by Human Resources Center Institute (HRCI). Additional, eight credentials are also offered by the institute. So far it has issued over 500,00 certificates across the world.

  • TMI ( Talent Management Institute)

Talent Management Institute is known for its talent management credentials. It offers – Talent Management Practitioner (TMP) and Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP) credentials. TMP is meant for new grads or generalists with some experience, while STMP is meant for those mid-level professionals with at least seven years of experience in human resources.


Human resource is a dynamic and growing field. Organizations are continuously looking for professionals who can take completely ownership of human resources and drive them towards growth of companies and itself.

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