At the point when customers request new vehicles, organizations frequently offer an assortment of shading bodies, yet notwithstanding the fundamental hues, different hues require an additional charge. Most vehicle producers utilize white, dark and silver as the fundamental hues, with the exception of Tesla. Previously, there were just two fundamental hues, highly contrasting. Every other charge were paid for additional, however since July 1, even dark has been ticked. Out of the essential shading. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk abruptly declared this game plan by means of Twitter yesterday. Customers will begin offering the Simple white body from the processing plant in July, requesting another vehicle and picking a dark body, and should pay an extra $1,000 (like silver, Hong Kong charges are HK$11,600). Musk did not clarify the reasons further, however on account of his choice to intently screen the costs, the vehicle was splashed into dark to determine a greater expense, which is accepted to be passed on to purchasers. 

Be that as it may, the dark body likewise has its deficiencies for electric vehicles. For instance, it is more warmth retaining and gives the temperature of the lodge, which requires all the more cooling and uses more power in mask. What's more, white autos have turned out to be progressively well known far and wide as of late. In 2018, new vehicles sold in North America represented 26% of white and dark just 19%; comparative patterns are additionally progressively articulated in Europe, South America, and the Asia Pacific. 

Fortunately the Model 3 Standard Range Plus with 383 kilometers of independence is presently qualified for the government ZEV motivating force program. The program says that progressively costly forms of a model will be qualified, as long as they cost under $55,000 and the base model costs under $45,000. The least expensive Tesla Model 3 will have just 150 kilometers of self-sufficiency, the littlest independence among the 100% electric vehicles qualified for the $5,000 motivation for electric vehicles. It's additionally significantly not exactly the 386 kilometers offered by the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

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