Prior this year at Tesla's 2019 investor's gathering, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla was chipping away at the life span of the sun powered rooftop boards, the Tesla Solar Roof V3. 

Tesla was wanting to introduce the sun powered rooftops in 8 additional states. Musk invested wholeheartedly in the way that the sun based boards were financially savvy. In any case, there is one drawback to the Solar Roof V3; it sets aside an excess of effort for establishment. 

Another patent which is called 'Between tile support for sun oriented rooftop tile' recorded by Tesla shows that it might have thought of an answer as the patent was for creating and introducing sunlight based rooftop tiles in jointed gatherings. 

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At the point when the Tesla Solar Roof turned out, the organization guaranteed that the establishment would take around 5-7 days. As a general rule, it took them around about fourteen days to complete the establishment. 

In the patent application, Tesla expresses, "The rooftop module can incorporate in any event a first photovoltaic rooftop tile, a second photovoltaic rooftop tile situated nearby the primary photovoltaic rooftop tile, and a spacer coupled to and situated between the first and second photovoltaic rooftop tiles. The spacer is designed to encourage a semi-inflexible joint between the first and second photovoltaic rooftop tiles." 

The application further referenced, "To encourage versatile generation and simple establishment of PV rooftop tiles, a gathering of tiles can be manufactured together and jointed in an unbending or semi-inflexible way. Deliberately planned spacers embedded between nearby tiles are expected to encourage the joining of contiguous PV rooftop tiles." 

The cost for the whole Tesla Solar Roof was high however Tesla made a decent deal by referencing that when contrasted with the power reserve funds after some time, the Solar Roof is justified, despite all the trouble. 

A month ago, Musk said that Tesla would redo their Solar tiles further, and would deliver 1000 sun oriented tiles for each week before the current year's over. No one but time could tell how Tesla passages thusly.

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