Tencent, the world's biggest gaming organization, and one of the greatest game distributers worldwide have thought of Chess Rush, Tencent's very own rendition of the Auto Chess. 

Auto Chess, which is very prevalent starting late, highlights a kind of programmed chess coordinate, and has been offered by Epic Games as well as by Valve as 'Dota Underlords'. 

In this methodology game, matches would be played on a 8×8 chessboard. It includes a program of 50+ various characters from which players can fabricate their own groups. 

Tencent has publicized that Chess Rush would not be a "pay to win" sort of a game, and that players must have ability and possibly only a touch of karma so as to win. 

Chess Rush contains the alternatives of great matches that length over 40 minutes and turbo matches that would take not over 10 minutes. 

The component positioned play adds the aggressive edge to the game, whereby fans could test their abilities against others so as to climb the positions of the leaderboards. 

With the assistance of the center mode, a player can make a group comprising of their companions so as to play against different groups. 

Tencent's Chess Rush is an allowed to-make showing accessible on both Android and iOS portable stages, which demonstrates that microtransactions inside the game would be included, however it is normal that buys won't be excessively oppressive.

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