The new Telegram venture, called TON (Telegram Open Network), has now been opened to few engineers of which not every person has been declared. The activity and exchanges through this stage are tried by these engineers and the exchange velocities would be called 'amazingly quick'. 

Message might want to utilize the blockchain and its digital currency to develop the utilization of crypto exponentially. Wire has a similar sort of reasoning as the crypto world, in particular decentralization. With TON, clients can make decentralized applications (DApps) that will be upheld by Telegram's new token. The new token will be named Gram. 

Wire figured out how to raise 1.7 billion through an underlying coin offering (a sort of IPO for the digital currency world). This sum was gathered inside a month and is additionally a record for 'non-open' ICOs. 

This record is seen by Iran as a risk to national security and Russia has officially prohibited the application totally from the nation. This is principally because of the security that the application gives its clients. 

Wire is probably not going to think a lot about Iran and Russia on the grounds that the application has in excess of 200 million clients around the world. Since Telegram as of now has an enormous client base that qualities ??privacy, it is normal that the Gram will be utilized on a huge scale. The gossipy tidbits are that this undertaking ought to be usable before October. 

At long last, individuals near the document said that Telegram was talking about with a few significant Asian crypto-trades, for example, Huobi, OKEx, and Binance for the posting of its GRAM token. 

For certain specialists, GRAM could rapidly wind up one of the biggest digital forms of money given countless Telegram clients (in excess of 200 million). As of late, the informal organization has put resources into a blockchain startup and fortified its group committed to this innovation set up in the spring of 2018. 

What's more, a month ago, anonymous sources refered to by Bloomberg guaranteed that Facebook was chipping away at a digital money type stable coin for WhatsApp.

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