Pakistan on Wednesday guaranteed that its aviation based armed forces embraced strikes on the Indian side of the Line of Control "from inside Pakistani airspace". The Pakistan government explanation said its strikes "were not a countering to proceeded with Indian hostility". 

In an announcement titled "Pakistani Strikes Back", Islamabad said "This was not a countering to proceeded with Indian pugnacity. Pakistan has in this manner, taken strikes at non military target, staying away from human misfortune and inadvertent blow-back. Sole reason for existing being to exhibit our right, will and ability for self preservation." (Live updates) 

There has been no reaction from the Indian government on Pakistan's case. 

Pakistan, in the announcement, asserted that it had no goal to raise the circumstance "yet are completely arranged to do as such whenever constrained into that worldview. That is the reason we embraced the activity with clear cautioning and visible to everyone." 

The Pakistani proclamation stated: "Throughout the previous couple of years, India has been attempting to build up what they call 'another ordinary' a not so subtle term for doing demonstrations of animosity at whatever appearance they wish on a given day. On the off chance that India is striking at alleged psychological oppressor sponsor without a sliver of proof, we additionally hold proportional rights to counter against components that appreciate Indian support while completing demonstrations of fear in Pakistan. We don't wish to go to that course and wish that India gives harmony a shot and to determine issues like a develop vote based country." 

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Pakistani flying machine abused Indian air space in the Nowshera division of Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri area on Wednesday morning. The Indian Air Force mixed streams and drove them back. News organization ANI has revealed that a Pakistan Air Force F-16 was shot down in Indian retaliatory shoot in Nowshera's Lam valley. 

The air space infringement by Pakistani planes comes multi day after Indian Air Force planes obliterated Jaish-e-Mohammed's greatest fear camp over the Line of Control in Balakot. 

Indian powers did a strike at the greatest camp of the dread gathering Jaish-e-Mohammed in Balakot at an opportune time Tuesday morning. Indian Air Force dropped 1,000 pound bombs in a thickly-forested ridge that dispensed with an expansive number of psychological militants. The fear camp was going by Jaish boss Masood Azhar's brother by marriage Maulana Yousuf Azhar.

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