Sex, sex, and more sex: it's a hot topic, most people love it, and companies use it in many marketing schemes. While some people believe that abstinence is the best practice, others enjoy a more liberal lifestyle.

Whatever your stance on sex may be, it is prudent to include an STD test in your annual health exam. We're going to take a look at why you should choose to get tested often, even if you're a virgin. Keep reading for more details!

Peace of Mind

Even with the use of a condom during every sexual interaction, it is still possible to spread sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

However, let's be honest, how many people practice safe sex 100% of the time with partners who do the same? The chances are less than slim. This means that there is always a statistical probability (however small) that a disease or infection can be transmitted.

Asking your doctor for an STD test is nothing embarrassing--if anything it shows responsibility. Additionally, you will have fewer worries about that questionable one night stand from a few months ago.

But I'm a Virgin

Even if you have never had a sexual encounter in your life, you might still consider an STD test. This is because many diseases and infections can actually be passed by skin-to-skin interactions.

A simple kiss too close to the mouth or an open wound that comes into contact with bodily fluids can just as easily transmit certain strands of herpes, hepatitis, and other diseases.

Also, drug use (sharing needles, a snorting apparatus, etc) can easily spread all sorts of problems that may be left unnoticed.

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With pleasure comes responsibility. If you are enjoying relations with a number of people you are at a higher risk of an STD or STI. If you should choose to ignore your social responsibility and happen to pass a disease to a partner, there is potential for legal or civil repercussions.

Of course, your negligence may be difficult to prove in a court of law, but do you really want to risk it?

Your Reproductive Health

Because many diseases and infections can lie dormant for months or years. Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on your reproductive health and potentially render you infertile.

The sooner you find any sexual health problems, the sooner they can be treated which means you should have a far easier time conceiving. Even if you do not plan on having children, having reproductive health issues can become a costly healthcare expense.

It's Easy

It's likely you go to the doctor for colds, minor injuries, and other illnesses. While you're there, it is easy to ask for an STD test.

If you're uncomfortable asking your primary care physician for a screening, you can easily find clinics online. An example of a search term you might use could be, 'STD Testing Brooklyn,' or any city in your area.

Just Get an STD Test Already!

There is no real reason to avoid getting an STD test. They are affordable, offer peace of mind, and can prevent health complications in the long-run.

Should you find that you have a positive screening, many infections are treatable and the few that aren't curable are no longer a death sentence. Do yourself and your partners a favor--get tested!

If you've gotten the all-clear from your doctor on any STDs but have happened to end up with another intended (or unintended) effect of sex, check out our blog about staying healthy during pregnancy!

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