The Synopsis!

The first time I moved from Detroit to Chicago (Yeah, the money was good), I cried. Not because of missing the place, where I lived for 23 years but I couldn’t even take half of my stuff to my new home. I was agitated first and then this turned into tears. Well, I know you don’t wanna listen to my cribbing, but boy the problem is crib-worthy! It is hard to believe there weren't any ‘Packers and Movers’ who could help me out of my misery. Well, to be honest, I worked in Chicago for just 4 months and got a really nice opportunity back in Detroit. I was happy that I was going back. Again, the movers' scene was abysmal. Now, this is too magnified an incident about movers but believe me, I am just calling a spade a spade!

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The Relevance!

What’s the relevance of all this? Well, to be honest, the best thing about this little anecdote is a benefit to the entrepreneurs who are looking out for a fail-proof business model. Guys, trust me there are a lot of people like me who travel for a short span of time. A mover’s fare depends on the distance, and generally traveling from one city to another takes about 12-14 hours. I am here just to share my two cents about the awesome financial prospects this opens up for you. Interesting, isn’t it? The next section talks about the process of acquiring an app. Of course, you need to buy it, but you need to get in touch with the best firm that offers this, it’s not gonna be easy and that’s an understatement.

The Process!

Okay, the process; well, one needs to understand that building an app isn’t easy, forgive my redundancy but it is a fact that needs to be established, quite firmly. Help people move their fragile paraphernalia without any worries! As an entrepreneur, you need to understand that only cutting-edge features will help your business remain afloat in these difficult waters. Let’s take a look at the features your app should have, must have, have-have!!

Live GPS tracking of customer’s shipment

With this feature, you can track your mover and the same can be done by your customer. This is a very important and necessary feature to be embedded in the app. Not only will this be appreciated by the customers, but also the fact that this can help in the security aspect of the app is a really good thing.

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Ratings and reviews- Let’s call it selective feedback

Well, this is after you have successfully launched your business. But this is also an important aspect of sustaining your business. Let me tell you something, a billion dollar company like Amazon uses reviews and ratings as its primary method to charm its customers. So, if someone who is successful is already doing it, you should follow suit. As you know that the feedback given by a customer for a particular product is pivotal in purchasing of products for other users.

Payment! Payment!

This is something you should be really careful about; the more payment options you give to your customers with the right discounts, the better chance you have to retain your customers. As Peter Drucker, a former management guru has said and I unapologetically quote, “the purpose of business is to create and retain customers”. Well, his words have become an axiom and still hold true. Incorporating a lot of really cool payment methods will only help you hold back your customers as many payment gateways offer cashbacks.

Wait, we haven’t spoken about your “end game”

However, before anything and everything, sorry this is quite late but, that’s how I pen down my unorganized thoughts. What’s the goal of creating this service facility? The goal of any app is to provide some kind of solution to the end customers, so you need to ask a few questions to yourself.

  •  What problems am I solving through this app?
  •  Who is my target audience? Which City? My own or should I operate elsewhere?
  • Where do I get a really great app like this?

With these questions on your mind, look out for the right answers with a good app development company. I feel that the space for movers is really up for grabs. I mean just look at the first paragraph of this article and you’ll know. A movers app can create a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs but it all boils down to the fact that does this solve problems for people like me? If your app can do that, then you are an entrepreneur to the truest sense of the word.

This isn’t official so no-summing up!

Let’s begin, why sum up? You sum up when you finish something. For entrepreneurs, this is something that’s a beginning and not an end. I wish this has given some people, somewhere in the world, some hope as to how and what can be done in order to make someone else’s life easier with just a few taps. Most importantly, do not create an app for the money. You know money may be a good thing but helping clumsy people like me with moving is a service for all the nomadic souls you can get a chance to meet.

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Is a movers app really that good for business? Or it it just like any other on demand app?

I hope by a Movers app you mean an app that has a set of moving partners that help people move from one place to another? If I am mistaken you should stop reading right now.
If the shoe fits; they by all means read on. So there are plenty of app for moving service. You need to understand that first, if you are an entrepreneur who’s asking this question then let me tell you it is of utmost importance that you get to know your customer base. The features decide the best app. There are apps like Uber for Movers apps that are really great. If you are looking to create one then get in touch with a good firm.

Do ensure it has,

  • A Powerful Admin Panel
  • Customer App that interactive with great UI and provides awesome UX
  • Partner app that’s trustworthy!

All the best getting an app from good places.

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