SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, appeared a completely stacked Starship Mk1 rocket on twitter in front of a welcome just media occasion expected to occur on the night of September 28th. The approaching rocket stands roughly 50m (~165ft) tall and will probably fill in as the setting for Musk's introduction. It is foreseen that Musk will present structure and progress data just as give understanding about the eventual fate of Starship. 


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For the duration of the day Friday, September 27th, different groups were nearby to organize a sensitive reconciliation procedure of mating the two parts of the rocket. The top half nose cone segment which houses cold gas engines, and a few sensitive weight vessels, tanks, and batteries had the forward mobile blades introduced before mating. The business end of Starship is furnished with 3 introduced Raptor motors and two pivoted direction balances – a structure deviation from the plans uncovered during Musk's 2018 introduction which at first demonstrated a sum of 3 blades, two activated and one stationary. 

Numerous different structures have all the earmarks of being close to finish including the wing pivots of the base balances and outside raceways that run the length of the rocket on either side giving defensive lodging to links and pipes. 

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Albeit now a completely stacked Starship, there is still some advancement to be made before the main trip of Mk1 including the establishment of 6 landing legs. Regardless of whether they are to be introduced before Saturday's introduction stays unsure.

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