Looks do count a lot these days as people have become beauty conscious. At the same time, there are many who may probably suffer from skin damage, which can be a permanent scar or burn that looks annoying and something that the person may not want to see it on the mirror every day. Plastic surgery has become quite popular in recent years and the best cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals in India offering this type of procedure is only increasing in popularity. Many men and women prefer to undergo such procedure after consulting their specialists. 

Plastic surgery

It is rather a term that is used widely to encompass various types of surgical procedures. such sureties, however, are not only performed for aesthetics purpose, but also for medical and personal reasons. Few common procedures which are favoured and undergone by women of all ages include breast reduction, breast enlargement, liposuction, facelift and Botox. Nasal surgery, buttock/calf implants and hair transplant are also among the commonly performed procedures among men. 

Reasons to avail such procedures by both men and women

There are cited to be various reasons for people to avail such procedures, few of which are given below:

  • Enhancement: Not everyone appears good looking or have the right kind of assets in their body that will attract others. in today’s competitive world, favours are likely to be received by those who appear beautiful, charming and have a great looking body. By undergoing plastic surgery as suggested by the doctor, it is very much possible to enhance overall physical features. There are many celebrities across the globe who have undergo tremendous transformation after this surgery and are mostly credited to have set a trend followed by their fans. Among the procedures, weight loss is considered to be a common availed one. Those having loss excess weight are likely to have in their body excessive weight, something that the person may be ashamed about and not display it in public. This excess skin can be removed through plastic surgery, thus providing the person with a much toned body, which is sure to make him/her more comfortable. 

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  • Reconstruction: One major reason for people to opt for plastic surgery is stated to be reconstruction. This procedure aims towards returning few physical features to its pervious state. Usually, patients having experienced any accident or probably another procedure like undergoing breast reconstruction after having breast mastectomy are suggested with this procedure. Reconstructive surgery may not be used necessarily for physical appearances. Rather, it may be performed on the joints and other areas for rectifying healthcare conditions. 

  • Health: There are many people who may suffer from various types of health conditions and risks due to their physical features. Such people are generally suggested by their health specialists to undergo plastic surgery, which has the ability to rectify such issues, thereby providing a much better, happier and healthier life. Obese people can now enjoy weight loss, while women having larger breasts can avail breast reduction surgical option to reduce it to the desired size. The reason is because larger breasts are likely to place unnecessary stress and strain upon the back and shoulders. Cosmetic surgery is also availed to improve physical appearance. Breast enlargement and face lift are considered to be wonderful examples. These changes when introduced in the body can help alter few features which the person might not be happy with. But after the procedure, the person can feel satisfied and comfortable with the results availed. 

  • Confidence: People in huge numbers may not have a perfect looking body and some features may make them to appear bad in front of those who look like a model. Such people are likely to feel lack in confidence and find themselves to suffer from low self-esteem. Having a shapely body is the desire of almost every woman. It does make them to feel more outgoing, confident and be accepted by the society, as well as enjoy getting more favours without having to do much. With plastic surgery, they can realize their dream and appear like a model, with lots of self-confidence and go out to win the world. 

But to derive the very best results, it is of utmost importance to consult the top specialists in the domain and visit the best hospital for plastic surgery in India.

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