PUBG and Sony have worked together once more to present a one of a kind Horizon Zero Dawn outfit choice to PS4 temporarily. Players would now be able to play the diversion to procure in-amusement money and spend them to buy the constrained version outfit, accessible on PS4 between fifth March and fifth April 2019, including four sections – a Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse cover, top, a skillet with a Horizon Zero Dawn logo carved on it, and Kar98k skin. 

Other than the widely praised Horizon Zero Dawn, the joint effort will likewise introduce Guerrilla Games. To procure the Horizon Zero Dawn top, a player just needs to sign into the amusement. It is the least demanding pull, while the procurement procedure gets harder with the player playing 10 PUBG matches to open the veil. For achieving the Kar98k skin, players need to burn through 8000 BP. In the event that they don't have the essential sum, they can acquire it by constantly playing the amusement. At last, to profit the griddle, a player should accomplish somewhere around 10 murders with a crossbow. Since it very well may be trickier for certain players, the joint effort has made the procedure somewhat simpler by letting an as of now brought down player shot by a crossbow additionally consider an execute amid the occasion time frame. 

This is the third coordinated effort between Sony PlayStation and PUBG, one of the past ones including PUBG offering a Nathan Drake Uncharted outfit and the knapsack of Ellie from The Last of Us to acquire more pre-orders. Other than this, PlayStation has additionally teamed up with PC and Xbox One, incorporating one that introduced expensive skins of Harley Quinn and the Joker from the Batman Series amid a DC comic hybrid occasion.

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