The PUBG Mobile will at last have the Payload mode enacted in the game. The authority PUBG Mobile record affirmed the arrival of the Payload mode saying that an "energizing new expansion" will come in the game on October 23rd. 

The last October 16 PUBG Mobile update prodded the new Payload mode in the game and this mode will offer different new shocks to the PUBG sweethearts. A great deal of things will be changed with this new expansion, e. g. a fresh out of the plastic new BRDM-2 land and/or water capable vehicle will be presented, the UMP Ammos will be changed from 9mm to .45ACP and much more. 

A lot of most recent weapons will likewise be added to the game. This incorporates the RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade launcher, MGL Grenade launcher, and M134 Minigun. The most energizing this about this new model is that players will approach the helicopters to fly around. 

The new model likewise has another Teammate Recall framework. The players will presently have the option to Collect ID labels from their murdered partners and restore them making a beeline for the correspondence towers. 

These options are most likely energizing for the squad players and we plan to see more include ups in the games later on.

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