PUBG Mobile presently has 30 million day by day dynamic clients and has hit 200 million downloads, Tencent said in an announcement. This number avoids China and just features how famous PUBG Mobile is over the world. The amusement has a tremendous player base in India and numerous different markets, and the way that PUBG Mobile runs easily on even low-end Android gadgets has unquestionably helped its notoriety. In any case, the 200 million downloads number doesn't paint a precise picture of what number of individuals play the amusement. The every day dynamic clients is a measurement people should take a gander at to check PUBG Mobile's prevalence and even that number is high. 

Fortnite's client base is colossal in a few markets however especially on versatile, the diversion lingers behind PUBG. Disregarding that, Fortnite has hit 200 million enrolled players and keeps on rounding up the moolah for Epic Games. While Fortnite and PUBG Mobile stay extremely prevalent, it is significant that PUBG Mobile has surpassed Fortnite's income on iOS as of late, as indicated by information from Sensor Tower. 

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Because of being on Android (and in addition iOS), PUBG Mobile overwhelms Asia and China as per Sensor Tower, with the US making up just 30 percent of PUBG's income. PUBG Mobile on Android is exceptionally prominent in business sectors where there aren't numerous PCs or consoles, for example, India. Numerous individuals here use Android gadgets as their essential figuring gadget and that adds to the amusement's prevalence. 

PUBG Mobile has been effectively adding new highlights to the amusement on both Android and iOS. We've expressed before that the amusement is similarly as great, if worse, on versatile than on PC and consoles. The Royale Pass, PUBG Mobile's interpretation of Fortnite Battle Pass, and occasional occasions have all made it to PUBG Mobile. Fortnite then again isn't too enhanced crosswise over gadgets.

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