While on a tour or transit, you must keep some medicines. But before your go out, you may not understand what medicines you should take with you. You may be confused that what you may have in the way. Should I take that medicine or this medicine. If I have that problem during my travel, then, …….?

There is some sets of health problems that can happen to you during your journey. In this blog, I am going to discuss what are the problem that may happen and which medicines to take.

Fever and Fatigue

When you are going to somewhere, specially, a long way, then, being exposed to different environment, you are susceptible to inflammation to any kind of infection. This can easily bring fever. To know how to manage fever, read 5 Things You Can Do In Fever/Flu. This different environment, I am talking about, may be in terms of physical environment, different people, pollutants, even bacteria or virus.

So, you should always keep Paracetamol with you. It can give you relief the fastest way possible.

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Diarrhea or Loose Motion

When you are on journey, you may be mentally alert or little stressed, may have to eat from outside restaurants. You may have diarrhea easily. It is very uncomfortable to go to public bathrooms.

So, you must keep Bismuth Subsalicylate and antiobiotics like Ciprofloxacin, azithromycin, etc.

Cough and Cold

Cough and cold is very common during journey. Sometimes, you may go from hot climate areas to cold climate areas. Due to this sudden change, you may catch cold.

You may keep dextromethorphan and even Honey with you. This are two very effective in relieving cough quickly. Other balms can also be used. Decongestant medicines should also be carried.

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Allergy and Itchy skin

All of a sudden, you may have sneezing. Or may be rash or itching. During your travel, specially in a new place, you may encounter some new irritants, allergen whose antibody or immunity is missing in your body. So, it is very easy that you may have allergic reaction.

Keeping Anti-histamines with you is the solution.

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Digestive Problem

There are chances to have digestive problems during travels. Different kinds of foods may not be suitable for you. You may have acidity or indigestion. Remember, both are totally different from each other. If you feel burning sensation in the upper abdominal areas which may even migrating to the chest, may indicate acidity. In this case, you should have antacid and if you have fullness after meal, you can have Prokinetic drugs or enzymes.

Motion Sickness

There is high chance that there can be motion sickness. You may travel in ship, car, aeroplane which may vary from person to person. One person may feel sick in aeroplane more than cars and again the opposite may happen to another person.

So, you should keep cyclizine, cinnarizine, scopolamine. Anti emetic (Anti-vomiting) drugs like ondansetron and domperidone can also be used.

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Your Regular Drugs

Never to forget, you must keep your regular drugs like asthma medicine, anti-hypertensives, anti-diabetic, psychiatric drugs, hormones, etc. If you are under any course, you must keep in mind to keep the medicines with you at all times.

Some General Rules

It may sounds needless to you that taking precautionary measures are very important while travelling. If you get sick, you can well understand that these measures are so crucial. You can use mask to cover your face. This will not only prevent any disease to come to you but also prevent any kind of infection to transmit from you to others.

Try to eat safe foods and from clean shops. Although, it is difficult to understand which will be what but you should keep your eyes open. Try to eat from branded shops if possible. Try to avoid drinking alcohol or eating heavy foods.

Always keep water with yourself. Needless to say, drinking water is not always possible during transit. There may be shortage of public bathrooms or specially when you travel alone, it is little bit problematic to go to bathroom, keeping your belongings.

If any emergency, try to seek emergency help before it is too late.

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