Every year lakhs of injuries and deaths are reported across the world due to the fall from the ladder or steps. The only reason is that that people don’t treat them with an appropriate amount of respect.

Yes, the steps have the potential to cause serious injury even while you are performing mundane tasks. These injuries can turn dangerous in the later months.

Rolling or Square Step – An Overview

Rolling step, square step or simply safe step – they are available for any scale of the industry. For every industrial unit, that needs a platform, there are several tasks that can be completed with the usage of simple and sturdy safety steps.

These compact, stable and safety steps Sydney helps workers reach and access the places that do not require platform or ladder – means it is just a step or two away.

Choose the correct step for your job

People often hold the view that they have bought one square step and it will serve all their purpose. But, here they are wrong, it is incredibly dangerous.

Not all ladders, steps and stools are intended for all users. For instance, it is always recommended not to use the steps on an uneven surface because the fall can result in a fatal injury or sprain in the back or ankle.

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Inspect the ladder before each use

Never use any defective step or broken ladder for it can definitely lead to grave injury. But you can rely on the safety steps made of high-quality plastic for they are non-slippery. Also, their platform is wide enough which means a person can stand upon it with his/her two feet that too in work boots.

They are also strong, durable and lightweight. Safety steps are easy to carry and store. They also feature castors and runner skirt means they will not shift when in use.

Do not use the steps in an improper way

Make sure that the step is always set on an even surface. Do not simply set them on gravel or loose ground as it can result in fall. Make sure if there are spreaders in the form of screw they are properly locked. If not locked, the step can fold on its own and collapse.

Always set the step at the correct and right angle. If you happen to use the steps in an improper way, you yourself are inviting the injuries to take a hefty toll upon you.

Always be extra careful

Although the platform of the steps is wide enough, yet its recommended to maintain three safe points of contact whenever you use steps. If an object is far away from your reach, do not keep on learning, instead, climb down and pick it up.

Always face the correct direction. Do not turn hither and thither while using the steps. Lift and carry your steps in an appropriate way. The safety steps are light in weight you can carry them on your own. Follow these steps diligently while using safety steps Perth and you will surely minimize your risk of falling that might result in a fatal injury.

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