PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday reported total lockdown of the whole nation, as a component of government's stringent endeavors to handle coronavirus sickness Covid-19. 

"Today, I will report a significant measure in our battle against Covid-19. The whole nation will be under lockdown from today. The total lockdown will happen from 12 PM this evening," PM Modi said in his location to the country. 

This lockdown will be set up for 21 days and more stringent than Janta Curfew, he included. 

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The Prime Minister depicted the circumstance in various nations because of the pandemic that has contaminated more than 3.5 lakh individuals and murdered more than 16,000. 

"This infection has been spreading quick over the world. It fans out quickly. Taking a gander at the experience of these nations, and what the specialists state, the main effective approach to handle the spread of the infection is social removing," said the Prime Minister. 

A few people accept that social separating is just for the individuals who are tainted with the sickness. It's not valid, and this idea will be unfavorable for you, for me and for everybody. Social removing is for everybody, in any event, for the Prime Minister," said PM Modi 

This was the second time in seven days when PM Modi tended to the nation on the quick spreading infection. 

In a TV address last Thursday, PM Modi had featured the risk presented by the Sars-Cov-2 infection, which causes Covid-19 sickness, and spoke to individuals to rehearse social separating and work from home. 

He had likewise requested that Indians watch 'Janta Curfew', a deliberate limitation measure to keep themselves as well as other people in the general public safe. 

The Janta Curfew was set up for 14 hours on Sunday - from 7 am to 9 pm. Also, as exhorted by the Prime Minister, individuals remained off the streets and open spots during this period. 

PM Modi had likewise notified the country of a crisis team to moderate the financial difficulties coming from the emergency.

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