We are already witnessing an enormous rise in the statistics of smartphone possession with the data forecasting up to approx 2.5 billion users to bloom by the end of 2019. This has created a major shift in the digital marketplace as the mobile based search queries are becoming more preferable than desktop. So why not switch to a master plan that could drive more traffic to your business by increasing calls through Paid search advertising Services, they will use tools such as Bing Ads and Google Adwords rather than dissipate money through authentic paid searches? There are a few strategies for paid search ad to help you get along.

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Crucial Strategies to drive more Calls with Paid Search Ad:

  • Generate Mobile friendly Ads

Take a moment and think how easy our lives have become with the Smartphone revolution. Smartphones have profoundly changed our living and most importantly the process of digital marketing and advertising. Keeping this in mind, focus more on creating ads that are mobile friendly and optimized. Creating a campaign that is too lengthy might push away the potential clients accessing your page without any leads.   Paid search advertising Services always makes sure your ads are effectively configured to almost all the handset types so that it is easy for the user to access and could benefit you by driving more calls through paid search Ad.

  • Nearby Business Ads

In May 2015, Google launched “Nearby Business” ads to help boost your calls and increase in-store tour. For instance, suppose you feel hungry and do not feel like cooking; you would obviously search for a list of restaurants which is more closer to wherever you stay. The “near me” ads activate for the search appearing through Adwords which inculcates a link to the directions and click to call the business options. For this, it is important for you to have your local extensions enabled to be featured in nearby ad searches by the user.

  • Use Location Extensions

As I already mentioned, the “Nearby business” calls through paid search Ad can only function when you turn on your location extension. This gives the user an idea about your whereabouts and if your business placing is actually beneficial for them. With such an advantage you can display your phone number, business address and a link to your location connected through the map for a better assistance and wiping out the hassles from their business plans and driving more masses to your website through your ads. Impressive?

  • Put Call Extensions

Call Extensions permit you to mention your phone number in the ad. This enables the mobile searchers to reach you directly thereby increasing the chances of getting more leads. Getting direct calls through paid search Ad via right tool is likely to bring you more business rather than clicks as you can bid directly to your potential clients.

There are various other methods like Voice search and Call only ads which would help you increase your calls and conversions through paid search. Take a step and chose your   Paid search advertising Services wisely .

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