Another Avengers: Endgame film is in the air and may before long arrive on the web for all Marvel fans to see. The new film was appeared at the Walt Disney Company's Annual Shareholder Meeting on Friday, as per a report in 

An individual present at the gathering portrayed the recording to the stimulation site. The clasps starts with all the saints sitting in a room at the Avengers base camp, or whatever is left of it. 


They are, be that as it may, joined by Captain Marvel, a major improvement since Avengers: Infinity War yet not all that huge on the off chance that you have just observed the Captain Marvel mid-credits scene. 

Another sudden visitor going along with them in the room is Nebula, who should not be being there considering the last time we saw her she was drifting in space in Tony Stark with no expectation of making it out alive. She tells the group that Thanos would have gone to 'the greenery enclosure' subsequent to finishing his arrangement. She is alluding to the lavish green planet where we last observe Thanos in Infinity War. 

Hymn Danvers advises the group to go to the planet and fix the Decimation by utilizing the stones. It is trailed by a clasp of Rocket, Thor, Nebula, Captain America, War Machine, and Black Widow in space. Rocket asks them something like, "Who has never been in space? Raise your hand." The clasp closes with him cautioning everybody not to vomit in his ship. 

Notice how there is no notice of Iron Man, Hulk and even Ant-Man, who we know makes it to the Avengers central station in Endgame. The recording sounds excessively a lot to be valid however we get it will arrive on the web soon enough. 

The producers have still not discharged a full trailer for the film. It discharges on April 26.

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