Film: Natpe Thunai
Director: Parthiban Desingu
Cast: Aadhi, Anagha, Harish Uthaman, Kousalya and Karu Pazhaniappan
Rating: 2/5

Natpe Thunai, the second trip from Aadhi and his group after the runaway achievement of Meesaya Murukku, needs to be a kinship show just as a games film. Tragically, it doesn't do equity to neither of the class and that is one of the essential reasons why the film never fully works, regardless of whether it has some respectable stretches. It additionally has a political sub-plot which may appear to be topical, given the ebb and flow race season however doesn't have an effect in a generally exhausting film. 

The story rotates around Prabhakaran (Aadhi), whose just desire in life is to move to France. When he moves to Karaikal for this reason, he winds up going gaga for Deepa, a hockey player. Similar to the standard with most Tamil movies when a saint prefers a young lady; he begins following her and in the long run winds up at the ground (which has a heritage joined to it) where she rehearses hockey. 

A worldwide enterprise sets its eyes on the ground and they take the assistance of neighborhood legislator Harichandran (Karu Pazhaniappan) to take care of business. Do they prevail with regards to assuming control over the play area or not? This is the core of the story. 

For a film with a games edge, it is very late in the story that we really get the chance to see the game played on screen. Aadi plays an expert hockey player and he has spoken to India in U-19 level yet we don't become more acquainted with he plays the game until the interim. A great deal of time is squandered concentrating on the kinship edge among Aadhi and his companions. Indeed, even this segment, which is unmistakably proposed to play to the display, crashes and burns yet for a couple of entertaining jokes. 

The political sub-plot is only used to address a couple of issues. We never entirely comprehend the reason behind it yet we in any event get a completely engaging lowlife in Karu Pazhaniappan, who plays a degenerate deep down government official. The much-advertised games edge in the peak is somewhat energizing, regardless of whether the greater part of the critical minutes are carelessly altered. 

Natpe Thunai, excepting a few minutes, is an ineffectively composed and executed companionship based games show that attempts to piggyback on the accomplishment of Meesaya Murukku, just to finish up as a film that expected to pay attention to itself more. For a games dramatization, it neither has the pressure nor the genuine tone to offer itself.

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