A war of words ejected between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and boss pastor Mamata Banerjee amid crusading in north Bengal on the last Sunday before the principal period of Lok Sabha surveys in Bengal on April 11 

At consecutive high-voltage arouses in Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar locale toward the evening, the two opponents exchanged charges over a scope of issues. 

"Mamata Banerjee has made coalition with individuals who need two executives, one for Delhi and one for Jammu and Kashmir," Modi said at his first decision rally in Cooch Behar region. "Bengal's Didi is losing political ground. The denunciation being showered on me, her outrage with EC uncover her dread," he said. Alluding to the Saradha trick, Nararda sting recordings and Rose Valley chit support trick, Modi stated, "All of you realize who profited by these tricks. I guarantee to uncover the majority of that," Modi, who held the principal rally of the day, said in Cooch Behar. 

After an hour, Banerjee restored the compliment at her rally at Moynaguri in Jalpaiguri locale. 

"I have seen many executives. In any case, I have never observed a man of such low taste as we see now. Today you (Modi) alluded to Narada and Saradha tricks and you said this with one of the principle blamed in the two tricks sitting on a similar dais," Banerjee said in an undeniable reference to previous Trinamool Congress general secretary Mukul Roy who is currently convenor of BJP's West Bengal race cell. Roy tended to the rally before Modi toward the beginning of the day. 

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Without naming Banerjee's nephew and political beneficiary Abhisek Banerjee, the Prime Minister stated, "Individuals of Bengal had put their confidence in Didi. Be that as it may, she broke it. The auntie nephew pair has given over Bengal to blackmailers. She has hindered all improvement. Focus allocated enormous assets for focal plans, for example, Ayusmaan Bharat yet Didi has blocked everything." Modi had named Banerjee "speed breaker Didi" at his arouses in Bengal on April 3. He rehashed it on Sunday. 

The Trinamool Congress boss, thusly, blamed Modi for debilitating all administration establishments. 

"You can't escape by lying. All administration organizations, beginning from Reserve Bank of India to Central Bureau of Investigation are falling flat. In 2014 individuals were informed that the chaiwala (tea merchant) had arrived. The tea merchant has vanished and we presently have the chowkidar. Individuals can see through these traps," said Banerjee. 

"In Tripura, the past socialist government turned to misrule. Individuals were disturbed. However, while individuals of Bengal put their confidence in Didi, voters in Tripura chose us. We changed Tripura. Be that as it may, in Bengal Didi received an easy route and pursued a similar way appeared by the Marxists she crushed. She has set up a perilous model. No one in India suspected that after the socialists mismanagement would proceed in Bengal," Modi said. 

"I went to Assam a couple of days back. Individuals revealed to me that they hate any advantage. They said they need to come to Bengal for restorative treatment. Same is the image in Tripura," asserted Banerjee. 

Guaranteeing that north Bengal regions had a gigantic potential to the extent the travel industry was concerned, Modi stated, "Penetration is one of the most serious issues in this district. We need to revise citizenship laws and present severe laws against human dealing however Didi is against both. We will safeguard Bengal from TMC fear. Your vote will make me solid. " 

"It is important to uncover Didi. Did she ever reveal to you why proposals of the seventh pay commission for government representatives have not been actualized in Bengal, why a large number of instructed adolescents don't have employments or why tea garden laborers don't get their advantages?" Modi inquired. 

Banerjee demanded that the citizenship charge which slipped by in February was draconian and helped Modi to remember broken guarantees. 

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"The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is a draconian measure. It will make individuals outsiders in their country. We will never permit its execution. What's more, we will never permit usage of National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Bengal. I have told individuals in Assam that in the event that they are driven out in light of NRC we will invite them in Bengal," said Banerjee. 

"Modi babu you guaranteed two crore occupations however amid your residency joblessness is most astounding in 47 years. This is the decision to change the administration in Delhi and Bengal will lead the pack in that activity. Before the last race you guaranteed to takeover seven shut tea cultivates in north Bengal. Not by any means one has been dominated. In Alipurduar, you have handled John Barla who was associated with revolting. Did you ever visit north Bengal in five years?" said Banerjee. On April 3, Banerjee named Modi "expiry PM" to commute home the point that his present residency has reached an end. She emphasized it on Sunday. 

Blaming BJP for giving Rs 1000 to each jobless youth going to the gathering's revives in Bengal, Banerjee stated, "You are spending crores of rupees on crusade. Will you deal with these adolescents once surveys are finished?" 

West Bengal is critical in the BJP's arrangement for the Lok Sabha decision and the gathering is looking at 22 seats of the state's 42 seats. The BJP, which at present holds two seats in Bengal, is betting on Trinamool Congress pioneers who exchanged sides in the course of the last one year. 

Casting a ballot in West Bengal will happen in all the seven stages from April 11 to May 19 and outcomes will be pronounced on May 23.

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