Microsoft propelled the 100X100X100 program for the B2B SaaS new businesses activity in India to empower new companies. This activity will unite 100 submitted organizations and 100 early and development new businesses that have venture prepared answers for offer. Every one of the organizations will spend over $100K through the span of 19 months on arrangements gave by the SaaS new businesses. 

Microsoft's drive is focused on optimizing the advanced change of the new businesses through SaaS arrangements. It will exhibit venture grade arrangements offered by the new companies. 

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Simultaneously, it will mean to make a beneficial household advertise for the quickly developing Indian B2B SaaS startup fragment by expanding its income and client base. 

The standard speed-contracting meetings with clients at the Microsoft business and client occasions will likewise be made accessible to the new companies. More than that, Microsoft India advanced new companies that will have direct access to the activity. 

Microsoft India with Startups is helping the new businesses from everywhere throughout the nation branch out and prepare them endeavor. Microsoft, as a rule, is focused on giving the necessary stages to business visionaries through the cloud stage. By adopting a strategy worked around setting up the association, Microsoft assists with managing the new businesses in each progression of its development. 

Microsoft for B2B SaaS Startups 100x100x100 activity offers access to Microsoft's Azure commercial center, venture deals group, and a quickly developing accomplice biological system to the early state B2B new businesses. Mulled over all the advantages of the activity, Microsoft will without a doubt help the new businesses to advance to being undertaking prepared.

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