The world is filled with people who have creative minds, powerful imagination and amazing experiences, but the lack of writing skills prevent such people from sharing something that could make a great storyline or blog post or even a novel trilogy. That’s exactly when a ghostwriter comes into play. The world of ghostwriting is all about giving voice and words to others’ thoughts, ideas and stories while using your writing expertise.

Whether it’s the field of science and technology or entertainment or fashion, ghostwriters assist the experts and professionals of these industries and sectors to share their knowledge and information with the world. Where these writers enable the business gurus to impart the tips and tricks for starting a business, they also act as a means of story-telling for the fans of celebrities and superstars. Ghostwriting is not just restricted to that; numerous famous authors and novelist hire ghostwriting services to complete their bestselling novels (not because they lack writing skills or are a fraud).

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However, one of the most benefitting industry has to be the business sector. Since most of the business owners and entrepreneurs have full command over the business techniques, methods and tricks but have no idea how to put their expertise into words—that’s how ghostwriter play a pivotal role in business branding and marketing.

What makes a great ghostwriter?

From composing high-quality business blogs and marketing articles to incorporating the hirer’s expertise, the ghostwriting industry is now becoming a rapidly growing industry of the current era. Where ghostwriting requires a proper skill set to get into the mind of the hirer and to think like him, at times it could be difficult for the newbies.

A great ghostwriter is equipped with capabilities to translate every flicker of thought, every idea, no matter how absurd it sounds, into captivating and worth-reading words — the attribute of extracting the story from the hirer that he wouldn’t have expressed otherwise. The ability to relate, associate and empathize with the hirer establishes a connection, builds trust and creates a comfort level. The lack of social and communication skills are a big no-no for succeeding in the field of ghostwriting.

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One of the most crucial and challenging aspects of ghostwriting is the ability to completely understand the clients and his needs, interpret the given requirements and translate all that fragmented information into a story that even the client didn’t know live within him. Where most industry experts think that a great ghostwriter has to find his voice first—it might not be completely wrong, but it surely is incomplete. The key to finding your voice is related to how well you can put other’s voice in the content of your creation.

Assuming someone else’s voice, personality and way of thinking is nowhere an easy task. Where it requires writing expertise, you also need to excellent control over your own feelings, emotions and thoughts. One of the biggest challenges in ghostwriting is putting aside your ego. You might have to work with clients who can make the challenges you egoistically, but a mark of a great ghostwriter is that he never lets his ego come in between his profession and personal thoughts and feelings.

Where you have to act, think, feel and perceive like your client, you also need to express those thoughts in your client’s style—the way he speaks and expresses himself. The best part—you get to work with some of the renowned personalities and celebrities, you get to learn more about various industries, and you get paid in huge amounts.


To make your ghostwriting business grow, communication and people skills are the most crucial aspects for expanding your business. Ghostwriting is just like any other business, and it should be conducted like that. It’s all about making profits while benefitting others with your expertise and skills.  

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