Marriage is one of the special moments in a human’s life, especially for women. This is because a woman leaves everything behind after marrying her husband. She believes in his husband. She has a trust that this man will never leave her in any positive or negative circumstances. Similarly, a true and lovely husband does everything to make his wife happy. Our husbands also need special care.

In fact, marriage is the only relationship that is not identified by blood (and DNA). Rather, it is bonded with love, care, and affection. And the best part is that a marriage does not only binds two hearts (husband and wife) but also connects the whole families of both sides.

Thus, this special day must be celebrated every year with great zeal and enthusiasm. However, it depends upon the spouses whether they want to celebrate it as privately in their room or publicly by throwing an anniversary party. At any circumstances, a cake is a necessary element. Cakes are synonymous to the celebration. However, it’s a sure thing that one can easily grab any sort of cake online and enjoy online cake delivery in Mumbai or anywhere else you want it to be delivered.

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And here we shall suggest you some delicious cake ideas that you should buy to make your husband feel affectionate on your first anniversary.

  • Black forest cake: Black Forest cakes with cherries on top is quite appealing. It is a good option for the first anniversary reviving the charm of the marriage.

  • Red velvet cake: Red velvet cake being baked in heart-shaped design is just an outstanding cake to gift to your husband. It’s a bet that no other cake will appear as charming as the heart-shaped red velvet cake. It will enhance the romance when accompanied with a bottle of champagne.

  • Couple-designed cake: The portrait showing a lovely couple holding each other embossed on a cake is something appetizing. Obviously, it’s a  romantic idea of cake presentation.

  • Photo cakes: Pick out a memorable picture and let it get encrypted on the surface of the cake. It will not only re-energize your married life but also boost the love in your life.

  • Designer cakes: A designer cake is potential enough to reflect the personality of your husband. For example, if your husband is a sports-lover, order for a cake having sports stuffs crafted on the cake. These creative (crafted) stuff may be edible or inedible depending on the materials the baker is using.

  • Theme cakes: There are different types of theme cakes like anniversary celebrations drawn on the top of the cakes. Or, the wedding or engagement being shown or designed on the cake. The whole idea is quite amazing and innovative.

  • Two or three-tier cakes: Two or three-tier cakes are also a rich option for your first anniversary. And it’s a quite happening idea for the first-anniversary party. However, don’t worry about how to get such types of cakes. You can easily get connected with skilled bakers. All you need to do is to order cake online in Hyderabad or anywhere you want to grab the cake.

  • Figure cakes: Figure cakes means the shape of the cake will look like figures (1,2,3,4,5,…….). For the first anniversary, order the cake having a shape as 1, and so on.

  • Chocolate cakes: Chocolates have always been the first priority for chocolate lovers. If chocolate is your husband’s favorite flavor, don’t go for any other flavor, just buy chocolate rich, yummy chocolate cake for your husband.

  • Mousse cakes: These buttery mousse cakes are amazing and mouth-watering. Their creamy texture easily dissolves in mouth and the taste is just divine. It’s really a great option as an anniversary cake.

Whether women agree or not, but husbands do a lot of hard work to keep their family happy and contented. In this process, they sacrifice and compromise a lot to make us feel happy. Then, why not make them feel special by gifting them a beautiful cake. It will make your husband feel more special if you gift it as a surprise. In such a case, you can order for Cake Delivery In Delhi or anywhere you want to get it delivered.

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