To comprehend why Madhya Pradesh (MP) was viewed as a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fortification, one needs to visit Vidisha. 

A vital seat of the Magadha realm in the sixth century, the town of 340,000 is today a focal point of business in eastern MP where crumbing posts and cramped houses jar for space. Put something aside for the 1980 and 1984 races, the BJP has held the Lok Sabha situate persistently since 1967. In the town, consistently home has an individual from working with the BJP, or its ideological wellspring, the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS). In 1967, when the Vidisha situate was framed, RSS pioneer S Sharma won on a Bharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS) ticket despite the fact that the Congress cleared bound together Madhya Pradesh. Previous head administrator Atal Bihari Vajpayee won in 1991 and outer undertakings serve Sushma Swaraj has been the MP for most recent 10 years. 

"In 1967, the RSS made its impression noticeable in Vidisha and Neemuch (on the Rajasthan-MP outskirt) as pioneer, for example, Kushabhau Thackarey and Vijayaraje Scindia worked widely there. The RSS began working in Muslim-overwhelmed territories, which we called Vidisha model, and after that spread to different zones," said previous MP boss priest Babulal Gaur, who joined the RSS in 1951 . 

Notwithstanding when the Congress was in power somewhere in the range of 1993 and 2003, the BJP never lost control of the zone. What's more, amid the 13 years of Shivraj Singh Chouhan's organization, the gathering sunk its underlying foundations much more profound in the locale. 

In any case, in the December 2018 races, the stronghold was ruptured, with the Congress winning two of the eight gathering portions on its way to an unexpected triumph. The Congress won 114 seats in the 230-part get together while the BJP won 109. 

The Congress did especially well in the Gwalior-Chambal locale, winning 26 out of 34 situates in a zone where Congress general secretary Jyotiraditya Scindia holds influence. It likewise did sensibly well, winning 24 of 38 situates in boss priest Kamal Nath's territory of impact in Mahakaushal. "The Congress gave the BJP painful but much needed insight in Madhya Pradesh blending religion with advancement," said RSS old-clock and previous state serve Sartaj Singh, who joined the Congress from the BJP before the get together surveys. 

Furthermore, with Lok Sabha surveys round the corner, the Congress trusts it can win a greater part of the 29 situates in the state - regardless of getting almost steered in 2014. 


In the keep running up to the get together surveys, the Congress crusade dealt with a blend of religion and improvement. The gathering guaranteed a journey circuit in Chitrakoot, more dairy animals covers while swearing higher yield costs, postponing ranch credits and better business framework. Congress boss Rahul Gandhi likewise made an exceedingly exposed voyage through the Mahakal Temple in Ujjain. The gathering trusts this recipe will work again in the 2019, and help it tide over a vote-share deficiency with the BJP. In spite of winning five additional seats, the Congress was 0.13 rate focuses behind the saffron party . 

On the off chance that the Congress figures out how to hold anyplace near this vote share, it will be a tremendous improvement from the 2014 race, when it got 35.35% votes when contrasted with 54.76% for the BJP. In the last 12 (Lok Sabha and get together) races since 1993, the Congress vote share has been higher than that of the BJP's solitary twice - in the 1993 and 1998 state surveys. In six Lok Sabha challenges in this period, the BJP's vote share was three to 19 rate focuses higher than that of the Congress. 

"We got only 22 lakh less votes then the BJP (in 2018 get together surveys) and it was by virtue of huge number of false voters in the rundown," said previous boss priest and Congress applicant from Bhopal, Digvijaya Singh. More than that, he stated, the general population have not lost "desires" amid the 70 days of Kamal Nath government, which has conveyed on 83 guarantees. 


On June 6, 2017, several ranchers had accumulated for a dissent in Mandsaur, 350km from Bhopal, requesting higher yield costs, when the state police opened flame and slaughtered five individuals. The irate demonstrators went out of control, driving the ranch emergency under the spotlight. After a year at the surveys, the Congress crusade multiplied down on the firings and the outcomes, where the resistance drove in transcendently country seats, demonstrated ranch trouble was a major factor for the ouster of the Chouhan organization. 

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Inside long stretches of coming to control, the Congress reported a homestead advance waiver for five million ranchers, expanded the government managed savings annuity from R300 to R1,000, declared and business stipend of R4,000 every month with aptitude improvement for urban territories and impetus of R10,000 for industry for a long time for utilizing a neighborhood. "Over it, we have Rahul Gandhi's base pay ensure conspire which will be a distinct advantage," Singh said. 

Be that as it may, Chouhan thinks the Congress execution has influenced individuals "to understand their oversight" (of casting a ballot out the BJP). "In name of homestead advance waiver, the Congress has lied. Reported ranch advance waiver for all, kept aside R5,000 crore in the financial plan and gave just R1,300 crore. Indeed, even before the [Lok Sabha] races were declared, individuals got messages saying their homestead advance will be postponed simply after Lok Sabha surveys in light of model code," he said. Chouhan, who was CM for a long time, likewise blamed the Congress government for making "exchange of authorities" a business in the state. Congress representative Pankaj Chaturvedi invalidated the case and said essential moves were done in a straightforward way. 

In four locale - Bhopal, Raisen, Vidisha and Sehore - there gives off an impression of being some discontent over execution of the plans. In Sehore area's Khushamada town, Bhagmal Meena, a rancher, said he has just Rs 12,000 of his extraordinary homestead advance of Rs 2.60 lakh has been deferred. In any case, there were numerous other people who sponsored the Congress government. "The administration needs more opportunity to execute their guarantees and I am confident that the guarantees will be conveyed," said Pritiviraj Meena in Mirzapur town on the edges of Vidisha. 


In his 13 years as boss pastor, Chouhan made a following for himself and was frequently viewed as more prominent than the gathering. "Mother [as Shivraj is prevalently called] gave us to such an extent. He moved cash legitimately into our ledgers," said Dharmendra Kirar, a rancher at Vidisha horticulture advertise. 

The Congress understands that focusing on his picture is key for discretionary achievement and is, subsequently, dealing with two fronts. As indicated by a Congress strategist, the first is publically reviewing his disappointments as the main priest including depleting of the state funds and the second is charging that the BJP sidelined him after the misfortune. "Those near Shivraj are presently opening battling with the individuals who contradicted him. We will pick up from this as the revolutionary group will guarantee that the BJP hopefuls lose," the Congress strategist said. Chouhan does not figure in numerous BJP notices but rather party pioneers guarantee he is as yet the greatest vote catcher. "How might we overlook him?" asked BJP VP Vijesh Lunawat, who hosts been a piece of get-together's crusade group since 2003. "The annoyance, assuming any, against him is finished. Presently individuals we see his work as against that of Kamal Nath. Furthermore, that is an or more point for us". 

Political master Girija Shankar said the BJP needs Chouhan on the off chance that they need to beat the energetic Congress, which was ahead in 12 of the 29 Lok Sabha situates in the state, if the gathering results are extrapolated. "He (Chouhan) is the main BJP pioneer who can stem infighting in the gathering and lift resolve of gathering specialists before the surveys." he said. 


The Congress is depending on the flimsier areas to beat its past best record of 12 situates in 2009 . The Congress government provided a law on March 8 to expand the booking for OBCs, who comprise about 45% , from the current 14% to 27%. The choice was, in any case, remained by the Madhya Pradesh high court yet pioneers said it will profit the gathering. 

The administration chose to give land rights to tribals, who comprise about 21.1% of the populace, under the Forest Rights Act. As the BSP is certifiably not a major factor in MP, the Congress trusts the planned ranks, who are about 15%, will vote in favor of the gathering. "Individuals presently realize we are for welfare of the regressive," said minority undertakings serve Arif Akeel. 

The BJP trusts the misfortune in get together will turn out to be favorable position as the things of 15 years in influence is no more. The gathering has supplanted its sitting MPs in seven of the 18 Lok Sabha seats for which competitors have been reported. Lunawat said now the Congress will confront hostile to incumbency in light of poor administration by the Kamal Nath government and there will be ace incumbency for Modi government. "Our battle will rotate around head administrator Narendra Modi. We will take up the issue of ranch credit waiver not being given and state government getting to be ancient under Kamal Nath," he said.

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