PM says India glad for his strength 

Pioneers cutting crosswise over partisan divisions respected the arrival of Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman on Friday. 

Leader Narendra Modi said the country was pleased with his model mettle. "Welcome Home Wing Commander, Abhinandan! The country is glad for your model valor," he tweeted. 

Resistance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted, "Glad for you Wing Commander #AbhinandanVarthaman. The whole country values your valor and coarseness. You held your quiet even with difficulty." 

BJP president Amit Shah said the whole country was glad for the boldness and valor of the pilot. 

"Dear Wing Commander Abhinandan, whole country is glad for your boldness and valor. India is happy to have you back. May you keep on serving the country and IAF with unparalleled enthusiasm and devotion. All the best for your splendid future," he said. 

Congress president said his respect, balance and valiance had made all in India pleased. "Wing Cdr. Abhinandan, your nobility, balance and courage made all of us pleased. Welcome back and much love," he said on Twitter.

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