How does water timer work?

As mentioned above, the installation is relatively easy even if the name timer sounds complicated. Simply attach the water timer to the tap or the rain barrel.

No expert is needed unless it is an extensive irrigation system with water valves. Since these require a power connection and specific maintenance, but these are usually used only in large horticultural companies, public parks, and football stadiums.

Configuring the watering cycles is as easy as using a calculator. For high-quality models, you can make many different settings and enter the correct parameters for all cases.

Once your set watering time has been reached, you must start the cycle with the watering timer. After the set duration of irrigation, the watch will automatically stop the process. While you have to start the clock yourself in the clock, this is automatically controlled by the watering timer. Do you wonder how that works?

The automatic of the timer opens the valve of the faucet so that the water can flow through it. After the watering time, the timer stops the water supply. In combination with, for example, a humidity sensor or rain sensors, the watering timer decides independently whether the soil is wet enough to suspend a cycle or to re-water as usual.

What are the advantages of a water timer compared to self-control and what are its applications?

Buying the best water timer is not a waste of money, as it offers you a multitude of benefits, listed below:

  • time savings
  • No green space is forgotten
  • Irrigation time is no longer missed
  • Hard to reach places are also watered
  • optimal conditions are created for plants
  • Economical use of resources
  • No unnecessary irrigation

The simplest and most cost-effective alternative to the water timer is the well-tried pouring with a pot. Watering a garden becomes a sweaty affair.

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This program is only suitable if you have enough time. If you do not want to run for hours with a watering can between the rain barrel and various flowerbeds, then you should buy an irrigation system.

The elementary component of the irrigation system is the water timer. About this runs the control of the system. Once installed and set up, the timer takes over the monitoring and control of the system.

So he ensures that the flower boxes, flower gardens or the lawn is supplied with the right amount of water at the right time. He works more reliably than any human, so you do not need to worry about what happens to your plants on your next vacation. Thus, neighbors, friends, and family are also relieved.

How much does a water timer cost?

Simple mechanical watering machines are available from just € 9. These are the cheapest in the category as they only open and close the faucet.

An electronic watering machine with pressure for the faucet, or one without pressure for the rain barrel, can already be found from 20 dollars. The digital water timers can be found in a price range of 50 to 175 dollars.

Where can I buy a water timer?

In every specialized trade for horticulture and hardware stores, however, it is proven that in the said markets the prices are clearly much higher compared to online shops. The increased prices justify the specialist markets, among others, because of renting shops, better advice and by qualified personnel.

By touching and trying out the goods on site, the customer is often enticed and does not consider that this possibility is also offered to all other customers. So it is not uncommon that the new product has not seldom already hiked through several hands.

When trading online, you always get brand-new goods. For most, you have the opportunity to get advice first, so you get what you really want.

You get detailed information about the product and have access to positive as well as negative feedback from other users who have purchased the product. Furthermore, you do not have to rely on the regular opening hours of the stores and can have the selected products conveniently delivered to your home.

Can I rent a water timer?

No, some garden centers allow on-site testing with demonstration equipment. But the equipment is not available online or in specialist stores, as this would be just as worthless for the seller as it is for you personally.

Once you find the calculator that suits your needs, you would not want to give it back anyway. In addition, a loan, in the long run, is much more expensive than a one-time investment that lasts a lifetime

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