Bigg Boss 12 sprinter up and previous cricketer Sreesanth has said in another meeting that have Karan Johar was additionally to a limited extent in charge of cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul's chauvinist and wrong articulations on the visit appear, Koffee With Karan. 

There was a web-based social networking shock after Hardik Pandya boasted about his "snare ups" with a few ladies on the show and discussed opening up to his folks about the contacts. Notwithstanding a conciliatory sentiment, the two cricketers were reviewed from the Australia visit and accused of unfortunate behavior and indiscipline. A board of chairmen (COA) has now requested that the Supreme Court delegate an ombudsman to examine the case. 

Getting out Karan Johar, Sreesanth said in a meeting to Telly Talk India, "He ought to have ceased." In reply to an inquiry if Karan was to blame as well, the previous cricketer said the stay knows when the visitor "is flying high" and will say what he needs to hear and the world needs to hear. Considering the questioner additionally in charge of the debate, he stated, "On the off chance that you approach the correct inquiry for a channel without having any learning about an individual, who isn't develop enough, he may state things which the individual in question may lament." 

In a prior meeting to IANS, Sreesanth had protected the cricketers, "Indeed, what happened wasn't right. They said some wrong things. In any case, there are others whose have committed greater errors than these, who are as yet playing and are in various fields not simply cricket. Similar individuals are talking about this. When they see an open door they jump on it like tigers."

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