Artist Justin Bieber kidded about having a cold marriage after his second wedding to Hailey. 

In a video presented on Instagram Story, Hailey energetically covers her lucky man with kisses as he jokes, "get off of me!" 

"We're hitched now," Justin stated, reports "No more love since we're hitched. That is the thing that occurs," he included. 

Be that as it may, as Hailey mopes and fakes cry - "You're being mean to me," she jokes - he takes everything back. Justin spouts: "Aw, I'm simply joking." 

This was after their second wedding service in South Carolina on Monday night. [Hailey and Justin Bieber Get Frisky on Movie and Spa Date After Wedding]

They strolled down the path in 2018 during a town hall function, yet needed to pledge to an eternity together before the entirety of their family and companions. 

"The two of them feel it is critical to have a religious function before God," a source told E! News. "Following a year, their adoration has become considerably more, so it's energizing to rehash their pledges." 

"The two of them looked so really upbeat," an insider shared. "They had blesses their appearances the whole night and didn't generally leave each other's sides. The two of them made it a point to express greetings to each visitor and talk with everybody. It was a truly close gathering and they were cheerful they could get up to speed with their loved ones and truly appreciate the night."

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