Oscar winning performing artist Jennifer Lawrence, a standout amongst the most well known movie stars on the planet, is locked in to her beau, a workmanship exhibition chief, various news sources announced Tuesday. Her future spouse is Cooke Maroney, 34, her agent affirmed to People Magazine, the production provided details regarding its site. 

Lawrence 28, was spotted wearing a "monstrous ring" and getting a charge out of what gave off an impression of being a celebratory supper with Maroney at a French eatery in New York City as of late, as indicated by Page Six, which gives an account of superstars. 

She won the Oscar as best performing artist for her job in the 2012 rom-com "Silver Linings Playbook." Also referred to for her job as the courageous woman toxophilite Katniss Everdene in the blockbuster "Yearning Games" film arrangement, Lawrence has been assigned for three different Oscars for her jobs in "Winter's Bone," "American Hustle" and "Bliss." 

Maroney is a craftsmanship exhibition executive at the Gladestone Gallery in New York, USA Today revealed. Neither her chief or a representative with her advertising firm were promptly accessible for input early Wednesday. Phone calls to Maroney's specialty display were not quickly returned.

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