After the fruitful dispatch of Chandrayaan, the entire of India, rather the world, was anticipating India's subsequent mission to Moon. The subsequent rocket to Moon, called the Chandrayaan 2, was booked for liftoff on July 15, 2019, from Sriharikota. Notwithstanding, the dispatch of Chandrayaan 2 was canceled because of some specialized issues on ISRO's part. 

The dispatch should occur at 2:51 am. Be that as it may, because of the issue in the GSLV MK-3 rocket, the dispatch was ended. The specialized obstacle which counteracted ISRO from propelling the Chandrayaan happened only an hour prior to its dispatch. Despite the fact that, there has been no official articulation m ISRO over the reasons of the postponement or nature of the specialized issue. A portion of the ISRO staff on the state of namelessness, have given the media their announcement in regards to the deferral. 

ISRO had been additional wary on the dispatch, it was said that there was some sort of break in the fuel tank which must be patched before Chandrayaan could make its odyssey to Moon. It was not clean right up about how much time it would take the researchers to fix the issue. It abandons referencing that the date for the rescheduled dispatch had not been referenced either. ISRO had recently declared that the dispatch won't be put off by and large however would be rescheduled. 

Only seven days after their first endeavor at liftoff, ISRO will again start the liftoff procedure of Chandrayaan 2.

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