Months after Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married, theory hopped the weapon as it declared the Quantico performer pregnant a week ago dependent on another arrangement of pictures. Priyanka – known for her fit body – as of late showed up in checkered co-ods at creator Michael Kors' show amid the New York Fashion Week with an obvious lump. 

A couple photographs and web was certain that Priyanka and Nick were anticipating. The performing artist's mom, Madhu Chopra, has now rejected the theory for what it was – a couple photographs with a specific camera edge. "It was an awful point," she said in a meeting to Mid-Day, "The outfit was decent. She resembled that just in a few pictures, the rest were fine. Accuse the camera edge!" 

Priyanka, she stated, was not entertained. "When I addressed Priyanka on the telephone, she disclosed to me that she was drained and subsequently, had a drooped stance. I revealed to her what individuals were stating, and she just stated, 'Mamma, offer me a reprieve!'" 

At the point when Priyanka Chopra's mom was stressed over her 

Whenever inquired as to whether it was intense being a mother to Priyanka when she began in a male-commanded industry, Madhu told PTI, "There were times when I had questions, if this is the correct way she's going. She was moving so quick. She was on a rocket moved move." Madhu said Priyanka "superbly" developed as an on-screen character and as a mother she is with her little girl at all times. 

"I thoroughly considered she's absent on a few parts of her life since she's so committed to her vocation, calling and her specialty. As I saw her develop, I began enrolling. Just in the underlying days I was stressed. Afterward, I was with her in her direction." 

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On Priyanka's generation, Firebrand 

Madhu said the tale of Firebrand impacted them. "Priyanka is intense, she's not terrified. She says it as it comes so the substance ought to mirror that. She bolsters these sort of movies. She has the last say, on the creatives and each part of filmmaking. "She's so enthusiastic about movies, I'm likely 1 percent of what she is. She takes care of each part of filmmaking, it's her child." Directed by National Award champ Aruna Raje, the movie contacts upon the idea of current connections, its complexities and accounts the tale of a resilient lady who transcends difficulties. Madhu said in the first place the greatest test for them was to be considered important. 

How Priyanka deals with her creation house 

"They said 'Priyanka is in America how's she making films here.' But Priyanka realizes how to get things done and is fully informed regarding contraptions, so remote controlling your organization isn't intense. The trouble at that point was individuals considering you important. After Ventilator, individuals acknowledged we mean business. Our movies have been very generally welcomed. It was our order that districts ought to get a stage, all India or worldwide." 

On Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas' wedding 

Madhu says the group is adapting to perceive how the worldwide gathering of people reacts to Firebrand. The on-screen character has been in and out of the nation as far back as her wedding with popstar Nick Jonas. Priyanka had as of late clowned how her mom needed to welcome more individuals for the wedding however at long last they needed to concur on just 200 individuals. At the point when gotten some information about that, Madhu jested, "Yes! She needed a private wedding. That is her decision. For me it resembled a stun! Who do you not welcome?! In any case, she took her scissors and (cut every one of the names)." 

With effective movies, for example, Fashion, Kaminey and Barfi surprisingly, Priyanka moved to the US to assume the lead job in TV show Quantico, which prompted different offers from Hollywood. 

The performer additionally runs a generation house Purple Pebble Pictures with her mom, with an emphasis on Indian local film. The mother little girl couple have created the up and coming Marathi film, Firebrand under their standard. The film will begin gushing on Netflix from February 22. Torch stars veteran Marathi on-screen characters like Usha Jadhav, Girish Kulkarni, Sachin Khedekar and Rajeshwari Sachdev.

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