It is easy to think that your kids are only searching for work and information online. We as kids never did our homework without any distractions. So, our kids are also attracted to distractions. Now, parents don’t want to be labeled as helicopter parents. But leaving kids unsupervised with the mobile phones and system is also unsafe. So, do you think that Mobile Spy App for Androidwill help you in monitoring children? It is important for many reasons and sometimesparents are unable to be there with their kids all the time.

If you are worried about your kids and concerned for their safety while they are online browsing, the app will help you observe their activities anonymously. Applications like TheOneSpy are specially designed for the parents to control the time limit for children and always stay aware of their activities.

Why you need a monitoring app?

You might be thinking that the app is not much important; you are friendly with your kids and they will always share all the details with you. It is not the case overtime. Children have their secrets too. As far as they are not harmful to their safety, it is perfectly fine for them to keep things from you. However, if it is about bullying or they are ashamed of anything which is leading them towards criminal activities or drugs, then you need to get worried.

So, the app is to allow you to watch over your children. Let them be free, but on your watch, no one can harm them even through online platforms. Cyberbullying, online predators, pornography and many other things are common these days and it has no stop. Installing the app will always help you to block such content of even numbers if they are constantly brainwashing your kids.

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How TheOnespy is saving lives?

TheOneSpy is one of the amazing parental control apps that comes with all the features that parents demand to spy on their kids. From location tracking to the surrounds recording, you can never say that you didn’t know whereabouts of your kids. Children maybe stubborn and will never permit anyone to install the monitoring app. So, the app has a feature to be installed as an anonymous.

Use the credential provided to you through an email and login from anywhere. You may be somewhere faraway, but you will not worry about your kid’s safety with this application.

What are some of the benefits of the app?

The monitoring app is like an assistant to the parents. Today parents don’t have enough time to be there for the kids every time. Also, your kid gets the smartphone or tablet and they are unaware of the consequences. Excessive use can be harmful to the kids and severelyaffect their study, bed or sleep time. So, few restrictions won’t hurt them. More benefits are as follows:

1.Safe browsing

You can block any harmful or websites that might be promoting pornography or anything damaging tothe mental health of your kids. So, the limited access will permit them safe browsing and you didn’t worry about their searching habits.

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2.GPS Location tracking

Holidays are the time when kids want to hang out with their friends. You can’t tag along everywhere they go. So, location is the way to be aware of their whereabouts all the time.

3.History details&Contact details

You can get the records from the previous browsing history and also call history. Contact details are also accessible and if you feel that any number is suspicious, you can block that number straightaway.

4.Read emails

Emails access is also important, and TheOneSpy provides you the feature to read email including the media files shared through them.

5.Access the gallery & other media files

Access the galley and know what kind of media they are watching and sharing. Also, keep a check on the amount of personal content they are sharing.

Wrap Up

Any kids spy app hasthe main function and that is to serve best to the parents. The digital era is ahead of us, and we have to face its drawbacks too. So, the first thing is to be careful about your children’s safety online.

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