On September 10, the new iPhone 11 arrangement (perhaps named as Apple iPhone Pro) will be disclosed, the Apple cell phones are relied upon to accompany another plan. Particularly the camera framework will be considerably unique in relation to previously. On the off chance that you believe you need something more one of a kind than 'only another iPhone', the Russian maker, Caviar presents five extravagance iPhone 11 models, improved with different things from space. 

Caviar is known for delivering selective and constrained version handsets, which depend on existing cell phone gadgets. Every new model will be founded on the up and coming iPhone 11 and will, thusly, accompany practically identical details, including the triple camera. 

iPhone 11 universe precious stone cell phone 

iPhone 11 Universe Diamond Edition is the lead model from the Space arrangement which we have just had the option to investigate a brief timeframe. The back of this telephone demonstrates the total nearby planetary group, with every one of the planets and the circles of the planets. Little precious stones take after the various planets, while gold circles speak to the circles. The gadget feels substantial and it looks truly intriguing. 

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We were informed that looking into it a wide range of valuable stones have been coordinated, including precious stones, rubies, cognac jewel, uncommon topaz blue Swiss Color and even a piece of a genuine shuttle, a molecule mined from the Moon and a shooting star part. 

Moreover, a mechanical watch with a tourbillon is set looking into it of the Caviar iPhone 11, this is an amazingly exact timepiece. It's not the first run through the organization presents an iPhone with a tourbillon. In March 2019, the organization uncovered the iPhone Tourbillon Limited Edition, in view of the iPhone XS and XS Max. This telephone additionally included an implicit mechanical watch (vortex). 

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The Caviar iPhone 11 Special Edition arrangement will dispatch on September 2019, not long after the arrival of the Apple iPhone 11/iPhone Pro. Just 99 duplicates will be made, in the event that you need to get your hands on one of these remarkably made handsets you would already be able to put a preorder. This telephone isn't for everyone's financial limit however, the Universe Diamond model comes at a beginning cost of $ 48.780 USD. Is the Diamond Edition a bit excessively expensive? At that point there is likewise a Universe Edition, which expenses $ 7,410 USD. 

Other iPhone 11 Space Collection models from Caviar 

Notwithstanding the Universe Diamond Edition, Caviar additionally presented the Singularity Edition which is committed to the Black Hole. Prior this year the main dependable photographs of an exceptional wonder ended up accessible. These photos have motivated Caviar's originators for an elaborate understanding. 

The dark cell phone case is enhanced with sections of a few shooting stars, which speak to the planets. The dark gap is encompassed by a brilliant circle and on the last, a gold-plated organization's logo is put. The iPhone 11 Singularity conveys an expected retail cost of $5.740 USD. 

Soyuz is a progression of rocket intended for the Soviet space program. The Caviar iPhone 11 Soyuz Edition is committed to Soviet and Russian space scientists. To make a smaller than expected satellite on the gadget's case, a piece of a veritable rocket that went outside the planet Earth was utilized. This model conveys an expected retail cost of $ 5.290 USD. 

The Explorer model is designed for individuals that affection disclosures and undertakings. The dark/dim lodging looks ground-breaking and ruthless and is made out of titanium. This model conveys a retail cost of $ 4.530 USD. 

A month ago, Caviar discharged another iPhone 11 Limited Edition idea, this was the principal model from the Space arrangement. The 'Apollo 11' idea telephone isn't simply water-safe, yet in addition fire and ice safe. This model was presented during the 50th moon landing commemoration and comes at an expected retail cost of $4.400. The genuine cost in September may fluctuate, as Apple has not yet discharged any official value data. 

A representative from Caviar stated: This gathering is a one of a kind advantageous interaction of the most entangled carefully assembled work, uncommon materials for which you truly needed to go into space, creative innovations and ageless thoughts regarding excellence. 

Other than an improved camera framework, the iPhone 11 is accepted to offer a superior battery execution. Likewise, the cell phone will probably bolster turn around remote charging, which will empower clients to charge their Apple Watch or their AirPods through their telephone. You may further expect that the new iPhones will keep running on iOS 13 and will be controlled by the new A13 Bionic processor.

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